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Altoids Sours – A Step-By-Step Guide to Make Your Altoids in 2023

Jacky Chou

Do you know anything about Altoids sours? The non-sugar gum was presented in 2003. It comes with various flavors such as spearmint, wintergreen, peppermint, cinnamon, and two sharp tastes. The gum has not been found in stock in shops since 2010 and has been stopped.

Altoids sours came in reusable aluminum packages, and they anticipated the whole planet. In case you think, nonetheless, that you are simply glancing back at the past through rose-hued, treated seasoned glasses, you are, by all accounts, not the only one who misses these stinging pieces of paradise.

So why did the Altoids sours interrupt? How to make our Altoids sour at home? In this article, we will give you our detailed reviews of Altoids sours.

Altoids Sours Overview

What are Altoid Sours?

What Are Altoid Sours?

Altoid Sours were – as their name would propose – inconceivably stinging, splendidly hued translucent looking confections that executed you pucker your margins with the impression that your lips planned to tumble off and unalloyed euphoria.

Because of the notable and traditionally scrumptious, these Altoids sours are incredible for keeping in your commitment area cabinet. They’re a supplementary increase in certainty before that vast gathering.

These minimized holders handily match in your air pocket or grasp pack to retain your breath undecayed and fresh. They are inquisitively refreshing with no sugar. You can stock in your vehicle with these invigorating Altoids for an explosion of reviving character any place you move.

Flavors of Altoids Sours

Flavors Of Altoids Sours

While it required over a hundred years for Altoids sours to present its initial assortment, it just demanded one more two years to greenlight its second. Wintergreen flavor was the organization’s most excellent unique character and surprisingly more calming mixtures in the resulting cycles.

Now, there are four fundamental Altoid tastes, including spearmint, cinnamon, wintergreen, and peppermint. From those excellent flavors, Altoids peppermint is known for being the best one in the world.

Fundamental lubricants and enhancing oils make it conceivable to make essentially any character you demand, peppermint mint or not. Also, for those nostalgic for Altoids Sours, everything necessary is some citrus extract.

The inquisitively solid sour line appeared with herbs like citrus, tangerine, and nutgall. This line, specifically, fostered a devoted after, yet like ginger, licorice, crisp nectar, and chocolate-plunged. The Altoids sours were ended.

Reasons for Altoid Sours’ Discontinued

Reasons For Altoid Sours' Discontinued

Is this simply an instance of us demanding what we can’t possess? On the off chance that we admire Altoid Sours so much, for what reason would they cease?

Vociferation contacted Mars, Altoids’ progenitor organization, for specific replies. As per Mars, Altoids Sours hammered the business and came in tastes including tangerine, lime, mango, raspberry, and apple. And, any individual who knew a great deal realized that tangerine was excellent. They were then inelegantly suspended in 2010.

What befell Altoids Sours, and why were they stopped in any case? We likewise investigated Mars precisely for what reason the Altoids Sours stopped. Were deals slacking? Is it true that they were simply attempting to break gallantries? What proffers?

The tragic, genuine story of the stopped Altoids Sours: They simply weren’t well known enough to warrant proceeding with creation. As per a Mars client support agent, it was the previous: economic proceedings. So the writing is on the wall, companions.

However, the ideal approach to get a most cherished item back is to do what we requested. You can send the company letters or emails and let them know the amount you cherished the Altoids Sours.

Steps to Make Your Altoids Sours

We will give you our overall process for making Altoids sours. After that, we will show you the complete and guide to ideally make your Altoids sour.

Overall Process for Making Altoids Sours

Overall Process For Making Altoids Sours

First, we will show you the overall Altoids sours process. For the frantic out there who need the sentimentality this second, you can do what many clients have taken to obtain your Altoid Sours. As the entryway on social media, the interaction includes joining and caramelizing sweet, lemonade, a softened pop, acrid sweet, and lemon juice.

Then, deliver the softened-down invention and empty it into a contour. Freeze the confections, pop them out of the forms, and combine them into an assortment of Acrid Fix packs.

You should then provoke them up, so the sharp sweet from the Acrid Fix Children moves to the confections, and you have yourself some Altoid Harsh copycats.

Or on the other hand, in case you’re similar to online shopping, and that appears to be a little out of your cooking capacities, you can purchase a couple, comparative tasting options.

Step-By-Step Altoids Sours Recipe

Here, we will show you a step-by-step guide to make your perfect Altoids sours. Check out now!

Step 1: Preparation


Now! Let’s get started!

These Altoids sours expect not many fixings. However, they probably won’t be too simple even to consider snagging. Therefore, we’ve given some simple connections, including gum glue, powdered sugar, enhanced Oils citrus extract to append to tastes to make them harsh, Air pocket tea straw (or little round shaper).

You can utilize a fluid citrus extract to supplement your flavor, yet that will be a debacle! Therefore, we energetically suggest you use the powdered structure we connected to above.

In investigating others’ efforts to make Altoids sours, we found a significant deficiency of accurate estimations to utilize! Everybody appears to simply “make things up along the way.”

However, that is not adequate for making the best Altoids sours! Therefore, you can (and ought to!) conform to your inclinations.

Here are the estimations we had the most accomplishment with 200 grams of gum glue with two measure seasonings.

The powdered sweet sugar is utilized to hold the slugger back from getting tacky, so you truly simply demand a sprinkling of it.

Step 2: Oil Adding

Oil Adding

If you are not confident at the outset how much oil and glue you may lack, we think you should utilize a dropper to add the oil gradually into the powder. We believe it is as yet a decent idea for you to try out.

On the off chance that you attempt to attach an excessive amount of grease without a moment’s delay, you will create a messy wreck on your palms and fingers.

Moreover, you should make sure to fuse the grease into the glue steadily and continue to savor the mixture so that you can change it in like manner!

Do likewise if you are utilizing citrus extract to change how sharp you demand your confections.

Step 3: Kneading


Manipulate the grease into the adhesive with your palms. You can supplement some powdered sweety sugar on the off chance that it gets too tacky. However, the more sugar you combine, the more your character will become weakened.

You can utilize the powdered sweet essentially to hold the adhesive back from adhering to your counter surface and a moving pin.

Carry out the mixture to around 1.125 inches depth. On the off chance that you don’t own a moving bolt, you can use a round jug!

Step 4: Cutting


An air pocket tea hay is the ideal dimension for removing your Altoids sours! On the off chance that you don’t possess one, make do.

Search for something of a comparative dimension – possibly a touch of the copper pipeline? You can genuinely make them any shape you demand, so don’t sense restricted.

After you’ve removed every one of the forms you can from your “batter,” you can re-carry it out and form more!

Step 5: Time To Dry

Time To Dry

Throw your cut confections with a touch of powdered sweet sugar to hold them back from remaining together. Allow them to air drained for a long time to accomplish the legitimate surface.

Altoid Sours’ Perfect Alternatives

Altoid Sours' Perfect Alternatives

Canedish and Harvey may not be the natural sours from Altoids, yet they come very close. Some purchasers also comment that they and their family all attempted them, and quickly, they recollected the feeling of the acrid tangerine confections from Altoids.

The confections are created with genuine organic product squeeze and arrive in an assortment of flavors that individuals have contrasted with the cherished Altoid confectionery.

Conversation starters Sours, sans harsh sugar mints, are another alternative. The original, robust, and fruity taste of the unripe gallnut, watermelon, and tasty tangerine flavorings are practically identical to the Altoid Sours, as per individuals who have attempted the confections.

Some online purchasers who profess to have looked all over for a treats option in contrast to the Altoid Sours – suggest PEZ Candy, explicitly the citron flavoring. This brand allows a great flavoring assortment pack.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the main ingredients in Altoids?

The contemptuous, peculiar character of Altoids sours has driven Altoids to be a top-selling in the world. The principle fixings are gelatin, gum, flavors, regular texture (Oil Of Peppermint), etc.

2. What flavors do Altoids sours come in?

Now, there are four fundamental Altoid tastes, including spearmint, cinnamon, wintergreen, and peppermint. From those excellent flavors, Altoids peppermint is known for being the best one in the world.

The inquisitively solid sour line appeared with herbs like citrus, tangerine, and nutgall. This line, specifically, fostered a devoted after, yet like ginger, licorice, crisp nectar, and chocolate-plunged.

3. What occurs when you eat such a large number of Altoids?

Likewise, with any item containing sweet liquor, taking an excessive number on an unfilled stomach will give you either fuel or the runs.

4. Can Altoids renew your breath?

No breathing gum can create awful flutters as they replenish breath. Albeit inquisitively solid, Altoids sours are powerful breath revitalizers. They are significantly more than inhalation flavors. Entertainers are additionally known to utilize Altoids sours before shooting heartfelt scenes.

5. Are Altoids sours terrible for your stomach?

This specific without sugar substitute has some somewhat harmless incidental effects in tiny amounts. However, we, in a real sense, can’t prevent ourselves from consuming these. We May eat them a lot as they’re around the work area at work. If you’re similar to us, you’ll experience some stomach upset on the off chance that you consume over a couple in one go.

6. Is it alright to eat a ton of Altoids?

Eating an excessive number of sweet gums, for example, non-sugar Altoids can give you awful breath over the long haul. The sugar can originate in your jaws, making it an ideal favorable place for the microorganisms that prompt your terrible flutter, regardless.

7. What are Altoids sours useful for?

Albeit inquisitively solid Altoids are viable breath purifiers, Altoids are substantially more than fresh breathing. Crisp sufferers go wild regarding Altoids sours as a viable substitute for intensely sedated hack drops and tablets, and choral gatherings and show artists depend on Altoids as a method for keeping their vocal sections clear.

8. Do Altoids sours have fake sugars?

Altoids may contain counterfeit sugars. These sugars are connected to expanded hunger, weight acquires, and other metabolic medical concerns.

9. Why are Altoid sours so costly?

So for what reason would they say they are so costly? The confections encountered a wide-traversing overflow in fame after they were ended. However, with fans making sites requiring their return, they have made some sort of Altoids. Presently, with a set number of packs accessible, their bundling has turned into a gatherer’s thing.


Here we have our overall reviews of the Altoids sours and a complete guide to make the great Altoids at home. Altoids are shockingly straightforward to produce, and you can make any characters you can devise! All you demand is two or three fixings, some seasoned lubricants, and your creative mind.

Presently you shouldn’t be captive to the Altoids! Instantly, you can make inquisitively solid confections in your kitchen. These can be put away and gifted in your customized tins. How smart!

So, what are you waiting for?

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