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Best 33-Inch Refrigerator for Your Kitchen

Jacky Chou

Choosing the perfect refrigerator for your kitchen isn’t easy since it is an appliance meant for long service. However, despite the variety of refrigerators in the market, you can choose to go simple with the best 33-inch refrigerator.

Accordingly, we have compiled an informative buying guide for choosing a quality 33″ wide refrigerator. However, even before we get to our product listing, let’s first justify the choice of a 33-inch fridge.

Why a 33-Inch Refrigerator?

Ideally, a 33-Inch refrigerator is mainly distinct due to its width dimensions which subsequently affect its design and functionality limits. Nonetheless, 33-inch refrigerators are space-conscious, among other benefits given their size and functions. Below are reasons why you should choose a 33-inch refrigerator.

  • Narrower models that take up minimal floor space
  • Stylish exterior and interior designs
  • Compact storage room from adjustable shelves, door pockets to the crisper cabinets
  • Available in different door-opening designs that suit your kitchen space
  • Extensive functionalities including a water and ice dispenser, depending on the model you choose
  • Maintenance of constant cooling and freezer temperatures
  • Adequate lighting for visibility of contents
  • Versatile to preserve different types of foods and drinks
  • Energy efficiency as compared to bigger refrigerators

Having identified the benefits of a 33-inch refrigerator, read on to identify our top five recommendations in this product category.

1. Kenmore 33″ Top-Freezer Refrigerator

Kenmore 33" Top-Freezer Refrigerator with 21 Cubic Ft. Total Capacity, White
  • FREEZER AND REFRIGERATOR COMBO: 21 cubic ft. top mount freezer refrigerator with door storage provides ample storage for fresh and frozen items
  • EASY ACCESS SHELVING: Full-width shelves offer customizable food storage and easy access and removal of casseroles and larger food items, while frost-free freezer prevents freezer burn
  • KEEPS PRODUCE FRESH: 2 clear bottom plastic crisper drawers are humidity controlled for fresher and crispier fruits and vegetables, and slide out easily for removal of produce
  • LED LIGHTING: Long-lasting LED lights provide warm, natural lighting to help you find what you need quickly and take stock of what you need on your next trip to the grocery store
  • IDEAL SIZE: Measures 32 7/8" W x 33.8" D x 67.25" H for the perfect amount of versatile food storage space

Our first pick for the best 33-inch refrigerator is the Kenmore top-freezer refrigerator. We love this incredible 33-inch wide refrigerator for its adequate total capacity of 21 cubic feet that includes a freezer and refrigerator. Subsequently, it has a versatile capacity for food storage within an average household.

Moreover, we rank this Kenmore model as the best 33-inch wide refrigerator because of its easy, adequate and flexible shelving. It maximizes the storage capacity with door shelves, customizable shelves that are easy to remove and easy access surfaces. Also, it has a dual crisper drawer set for maintaining the freshness of veggies and perishable fruits for longer. For the freezer, it is frost-free for easy access to frozen foodstuffs and to prevent freezer burn on food.

Overall, this refrigerator allows for both fresh and frozen edibles. You can set temperatures differently for the freezer and the refrigerator for maximum food preservation. Also, when finding items in the fridge, this fridge comes with LED lighting for easy stocking and finding your favorite snack.


  • Customizable shelving
  • Easy to use
  • Stylish and spacious
  • Large and easy-grip handles to avoid breakage
  • Appealing outlook finish
  • Easy access due to LED lighting
  • Prevents freeze burn and ice build-up


  • Might stick out past your counters.

2. FORNO Bovino 33″ Refrigerator

Forno Bovino 33" Inch W. Refrigerator 19 cu. Ft. Frost Free Design Stainless Steel Touch Control French Doors.
  • Toral Net Capacity: 18.88 cu. ft Fridge Net Capacity:12.35 cu.ft Freezer Net Capacity: 6.53 cu.ft. The Forno Bovino 18.9 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator offers a Double-Flow Cooling System. Stainless Steel gives a timeless appearance. All Forno products are backed by an iron clad 2-year warranty for your satisfaction. without sacrificing quality and performance. Lower the cost of living with Forno.
  • Total frost free design Double-flow cooling system Interior led lighting 3 glass adjustable shelves 2 freezer drawers design, Electronic touch control on door, Stainless steel door panel
  • FRESH FOOD ZONE: 3 Adjustable Glass Shelves Crisper Drawers Gallon Bin FREEZER ZONE:No Frost Design Dual Drawer Freezer FEATURES:Intelligence Chip Temperature Control Digital Control Panel INCLUDES: Power Cord Installation Kit
  • FORNO 33" French Door Refrigerator - 19 cu.ft in Stainless Steel (FFFFD1907-33SB) This 33" French Door Refrigerator by Forno offers 12.35 cu. ft. of refrigerator capacity and 6.53 cu. ft. of freezer capacity. The refrigerator also features total frost-free design, led lighting, and adjustable glass shelves.
  • LED Lighting - Adjustable Glass Shelves - Adjustable glass shelves provide a stable platform while allowing light to go through and provide illumination throughout the bottom. You can rearrange or remove them for flexible storage or easy clean-up. Frost Free - Keeps goods fresher for longer periods.

Another quality 33-inch wide refrigerator on our list is the FORNO Bovino 33″ fridge. Even before we get to its functionality, its outlook is beautiful, with doors that open very uniquely. In addition, the FORNO Bovino is also frost-free with an artificial intelligence chip for auto-smart temperature controls. As a result, this intelligent feature promotes easy management with a manual override to pre-set temperatures.

On the inside, this cooling appliance has three customizable glass shelves for easy removal during clean-ups and creating space for unusually tall objects. In addition to the glass shelves, it has door trays and crisper drawers. In addition, it is energy efficient with a touch control panel on the outside for easy monitoring without opening the doors.

With this storage appliance, you will also get to enjoy fast modes for cooling and freezing. Moreover, in case you forget to fully close the fridge doors or the gasket is faulty, this model has a door alarm for alerts for consistent interior temperature levels. In the end, this refrigerator helps conserve energy while upholding optimal functionality.


  • Adequate storage capacity
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Completely frost-free
  • Durable build
  • Easy access due to LED lights
  • Easy control with an exterior touch panel
  • Smudge-resistant casing
  • Energy efficient


  • Lacks an ice maker

3. FORNO Salerno 33 in. Refrigerator Stainless Steel

We also recommend the FORNO Salerno 33″ refrigerator, perfectly built to store prepared meals, produce and beverages. This storage is enabled by its 15.6 cu ft refrigerator capacity and 6.08 cu ft freezer capacity. This freestanding refrigerator also comes with a unique design for opening the doors. You can also pick this appliance as the best 33-inch wide refrigerator because of its easy access drawer feature that ensures you easily pick and stock items in the fridge.

Furthermore, it also comes with other features such as vacation and child-lock modes for safety and energy conservation, respectively. Furthermore, if its door is left open and the internal temperature rises, this fridge has an alert alarm. Also, it has a built-in easy-access control panel on its door for convenient management of your refrigerator.

Finally, it comes with an LED light system for visibility when the fridge doors are open. The manufacturer also recommends unplugging the fridge for at least a day after every six months for increased life expectancy.


  • Adequate and flexible storage
  • LED light for easy access
  • Door-open alarm
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy control with a door panel
  • Child-lock mode for easier management
  • Easy accessibility


  • Lacks an ice maker

4. GE GTS22KGNRWW 33″ Freestanding Top Freezer Refrigerator

You can also invest in GE GTS22KGNRWW freestanding refrigerator with a top freezer. This freezer and fridge combo has a total capacity of 21.93 cu ft which is frost-free. Additionally, this garage-ready appliance has glass shelves that are adjustable for convenient storage. It is also equipped with adequate storage space complemented by door trays and a crisper tray to keep your food fresher.

Whenever you open its door, its LED light goes on for maximum visibility of its contents. Moreover, doors are reversible with an attractive white finish. Overall, this refrigerator is easy to maintain, and it is reliable in keeping foodstuffs fresh.


  • Easy to use
  • Adequate storage capacity
  • Effective cooling and freezing without frost
  • Attractive finish


  • You have to open the door to check temperatures
  • Lacks an ice maker

5. FRSS2323AS 33″ Freestanding Side by Side Refrigerator

Last on our list is the FRSS2323AS 33″ freestanding refrigerator with a total capacity of 22.2 cu. ft: 14.3 cu. ft. refrigerator capacity and 7.9 cu. ft. freezer capacity. Uniquely, this is the only 33″ refrigerator on our list with an ice maker and a water dispenser. Also, this refrigerator uses the EvenTemp Cooling System for keeping your edibles fresh with minimal risk of freezer burn. The EvenTemp system also ensures that constant temperatures are maintained for effective cooling and freezing.

In addition, its crisper drawers keep out dry air to ensure that vegetables and fruits remain fresher with the right amount of humidity. Asides from the crisper drawers, this refrigerator comes with three adjustable glass shelves and door cabinets. Its water dispenser is on the outer side and is equipped with a PurePour filter to eliminate 99% of contaminants.

Other exciting features about this French-door refrigerator include a door ajar alarm, ice-maker switch, power failure alarm, air filter and water filter indicators. In addition, for easy cleaning, this appliance has an automatic defrost system in case of any ice accumulation.


  • Adequate holding room
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Has an ice maker
  • Efficient cooling and freezing
  • Auto-defrost system
  • Bright LED


  • Sightly heavy

Tips for Efficiently Running the Best 33-Inch Refrigerator

1. Setting Appropriate Temperature

Ideally, a refrigerator should be maintained between 37-400F for the best food preservation outcomes. Subsequently, correct and consistent temperatures ensure edibles stay better for longer. On top of that, the freezer should be maintained at a consistent temperature for optimal outcomes.

2. Tight Sealing

For optimal food preservation and energy efficiency, you should always ensure that refrigerator doors are fully closed. Unfortunately, many times we forget to close refrigerators more so when we are tired after work. In other cases, the gasket seal could also be clogged, thus preventing complete sealing. Subsequently, you should frequently occasionally clean the gasket for complete sealing.

Regarding forgetfulness, you can invest in cold storage with a door alarm for alerts. Notably, when fridge doors are not fully closed, they tend to lose the cooling effect, consuming more energy to produce more cold.

3. Fill It!

A full refrigerator also maximizes power efficiency. The reason for this is that there will be fewer pockets for warm air since more items will be radiating cold.

4. Separate your Appliances

You should also separate your 33″ fridge from other kitchen appliances such as the dishwasher and over. This precaution ensures that your cold storage stays away from any heat source for optimal energy efficiency. Conversely, heat presence causes a refrigerator to produce more cooling temperature, which consumes more electricity.

5. Don’t Store Hot Leftovers

If you want your 33″ cold storage to last longer, always wait for food leftovers to cool before storing them. Hot foodstuffs prompt a fridge to produce a more cooling effect, making the compressor work more. Therefore, cool food ensures that your fridge’s compressor has a longer service life and your food stays good longer.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing the Best 33-Inch Refrigerator

1. Styles

The first consideration for the best 33-inch refrigerator is the style. Under style, we refer to the layout of the refrigerator itself, including its door type, compartments, and storage shelves. For instance, you can find side-by-side compartments, freezers on -top or below models. Additionally, the opening style matters depending on the floor space available.

Also, it is under style you can know which refrigerator suits your lifestyle. For example, if you often carry pizza home, you might be looking for a fridge style that will accommodate your pizza boxes. Moreover, you might want a style that aligns with your countertop, such as the counter depth refrigerators, which may come in wider style but fit perfectly in your kitchen. Nonetheless, with modern refrigerators, style preferences are often influenced by attractiveness, but they should also maximize functionality.

2. Refrigerator Features

Primarily, we purchase refrigerators for food and drink preservation. Accordingly, refrigeration features are a must-have for your select 33″ cooling appliance. In the process of maintaining your food’s freshness, refrigerators can freeze and cool. Therefore, you should first ensure that your refrigerator’s total capacity is adequate for your household.

In line with the total capacity, you should also check if your freezer capacity will be adequate for items that you often require frozen. Furthermore, you should check for temperature adjustment features to enable you to set the appropriate temperatures depending on what you have in your refrigerator. Also, you should ensure that your cooling appliance has an ice dispenser for convenient ice cube making.

In addition to the cooling features, you should also ensure that your refrigerator comes with adjustable shelves for space maximization and flexibility. Overall, a 33-inch refrigerator with optimal features comes at a higher cost but is definitely worth it.

3. Energy Efficiency

Modern electronic appliances, including refrigerators, are becoming more and more energy-efficient with even better functional outcomes. Subsequently, this feature translates to reduced power costs and improved environmental conservation. Therefore, consumers should prioritize buying Energy Star certified refrigerators.

Notably, an Energy Star certified model complies with energy-efficiency guidelines for reduced energy bills and greenhouse fume emissions. Also, you may find Department of Energy (DOE) ratings on refrigerators as a sign of compliance with set energy-efficiency guidelines.

Eventually, energy consumption and maintenance matter even in the absence of industry standards. Manufacturers often include power consumption rates on a product’s specs for consideration of power affordability and maintenance. If you forget to check this feature before buying any refrigerator, you might end up switching it off occasionally.

4. Dimensions

In this case, we have focused on the 33-inch wide refrigerator. Even so, there are other dimensions, height and depth. Under height, you must ensure your refrigerator fits through the doorways of your house. Also, you should consider if the select refrigerator’s depth will allow it to fit within the designated space, inclusive of its opening allowance.

If your kitchen spot lacks depth, you can go for a counter-depth refrigerator. A counter-depth refrigerator practically doesn’t stick out past cabinets and counters. Nonetheless, counter-depth refrigerators with a width of 33-inches tend to have a smaller capacity. Fortunately, you can consult with a professional on the best refrigerator space in the kitchen or the ideal dimensions for the available space.

5. Extra Features

Besides the standard refrigerator features, it might interest you to know that modern refrigerators come with extra features for convenience, safety and aesthetics. For instance, you can consider buying cold storage with a water dispenser which can be very helpful during the hot season. In addition, you can find a refrigerator with a built-in control panel for easy management and maintenance. Within the control panel, you can also find a screen reader problems computer for maintaining your appliance at top-notch performance.

For safety, it would be best to buy a refrigerator with a child lock to prevent accidents and mischief. You can also get a fridge with a door alarm for notification when it is ajar. Generally, these extra features might come at an additional cost but are worth it in making life easy. Even so, you should be careful to purchase cold storage that is functionally dependable with fewer breakable items.

6. Finish

The exterior finish is another consideration to make. Notably, having a fridge that smoothly blends in with the kitchen colors and aesthetics is more appealing. Luckily, most modern refrigerators come with finishes that universally fit in almost every kitchen. Some of the standard finishes include bronze and stainless steel with neutral color finishes.

Quality finishes are also smudge-resistant and fingerprint resistant for the maintenance of an appealing outlook. Eventually, having factored your kitchen’s colors, you should settle for a finish that you won’t outgrow in a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) on the Best 33-Inch Refrigerator

1. What are the disadvantages of a French door refrigerator?

French doors have an attractive appearance but have their downsides. Most significantly, side storage on a French-door refrigerator is narrow, requiring the prioritization of large containers. Also, French-door refrigerators are a bit pricey, making them inappropriate for budget-conscious buyers.

2. Do you lose space with a counter-depth refrigerator?

Counter-depth refrigerators are shallower than their standard counterparts, offering less capacity but quality freshness. Subsequently, you might lose holding space with the counter-depth option in case your installation space is small. To make up for this shortcoming, you might need to invest in a larger counter-depth appliance.

Jacky Chou