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Top 5 Best Laminator For Teachers of 2023 (Review and Buying Guide)

Jacky Chou

As parents, it’s our number one job to keep our babes safe and out of harm’s way, but that gets a little tricky when the solution itself poses some risk, too. Take your time finding a product you’re comfortable using — it’s worth it. Here are 8 products we think are worth looking into.

List of 5 Best Laminator For Teachers

1. Crenova A4 Laminator, 4 in 1 Thermal Laminator

Crenova A4 Laminator, 4 in 1 Thermal Laminator

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We find the Crenova A4 laminator in first place in our comparison of the best laminating machines for teacher.

This 2-roll laminator laminates both hot and cold. It is up to you to choose the optimal use before feeding the document into the machine. You will see below that the photos, or certain inks are not recommended for hot lamination, which could deteriorate the final rendering.

The heating time is 3 to 5 minutes of waiting, and the laminator will stop automatically in case of overheating. The plasticization speed is 250 mm per minute.

You can introduce pouches ranging from 75 to 125 microns, for a final rendering up to 0.55mm thick. An anti-jamming system has been installed to quickly remove the pockets or the paper blocking the machine.

2. Zoomyo 9″ hot & cold laminator

Zoomyo 9" hot & cold laminator

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The Zoomyo laminator deserves its second place in this ranking, and it is one of the laminators that I always keep on hand. It differs from other models in several ways, including that of accentuating the ecological aspect.

Indeed not only does it consume very little electricity compared to its competitors, but it is also guaranteed without flame retardant components. These components like Brome which equip some laminators are harmful to the environment, and are very difficult to recycle.

A brand that ensures not to use it in its products therefore makes a gesture for the planet, in addition to the gesture for your wallet that represents low energy consumption. In addition to being eco-friendly, it is a very effective laminator.

It allows the use of plastic sleeves up to 125 microns thick per side, which is above the market average. A thicker plastic pocket will allow plasticization and protection of your documents more durable and safer. Quickly ready to use thanks to a heating time of only 3 minutes, this tool can manage documents in classic A4 format at most.

It is extremely light (the lightest in its class) and compact, making it an easily transportable tool. This laminator is one of the tools that offer the best value for money that I have had the opportunity to meet as a tester. A thicker plastic pocket will allow plasticization and protection of your documents more durable and safer.

Quickly ready to use thanks to a heating time of only 3 minutes, this tool can manage documents in classic A4 format at most. It is extremely light (the lightest in its class) and compact, making it an easily transportable tool.

This laminator is one of the tools that offer the best value for money that I have had the opportunity to meet as a tester. A thicker plastic pocket will allow plasticization and protection of your documents more durable and safer.

3. AmazonBasics Thermal Laminator Machine

AmazonBasics Thermal Laminator Machine

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This AmazonBasics laminatoris an ultra easy to use tool, and very easily transportable thanks to the fact that it is light and compact enough to slip everywhere without being noticed. It will take up less space on your desk, but will provide you with high quality results.

With a heating time that does not exceed 4 minutes, the tool remains in the market average, and the time to prepare your document and take out your plastic sleeves, it is ready to use. A button allows you to indicate whether you are using plastic bags of 3 mil or 5 mil, in order to adapt the machine to the task it has to perform.

It is calibrated to work on A4 formats at most. It is a discreet, light, unpretentious, but efficient and reliable tool. Your laminated documents will be protected from rain and good weather,

4. Leitz iLam A3 Laminator

Leitz iLam A3 Laminator

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One of the best laminator for teachers on the market, we particularly like its design, which allows you to add a little color to your daily routine: the machine is available in gray, blue, pink or yellow.

This laminator has 2 heated rollers, which will allow you to laminate your documents with good quality. The laminating speed is very satisfactory, with a total duration of one minute to cover an entire A3 document.

A cold laminating function is available, which allows you to laminate photos and other sensitive documents without risk of damaging them. The laminator reaches its optimal heating temperature after 3 minutes, and alerts its user with an audible signal. The temperature is adjusted automatically.

The user will be able to laminate sleeves ranging from 80 to 125 microns: the higher the microns, the more rigid and difficult the document will be to fold. Choose according to the future use of the document!

The laminator is supplied with a starter kit, containing laminating pouches ranging from 80 to 125 microns. No time to lose, you can laminate your documents upon receipt of the item.

5. Scotch Thermal Laminator

Scotch Thermal Laminator

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The Scotch TL901C thermal plasticizer plasticizes elements up to 9 inches wide. It has a two roller system, with two temperature settings. It can be used for photographs, documents, recipes and much more. Plasticize items up to 0.005 inches thick, including the popular 0.003 inch and 0.005 inch covers.

Companies and families can always find a use for a 3M quality plasticizer and a durable and intelligent construction. The Scotch TL901C plasticizing system plasticizes letter size, A4 size, business card size, photo size and other papers up to 9 inches wide, your important photographs and documents, along with dozens of other projects and crafts.

Practical and fun, you can configure it anywhere, anytime. Protect your licenses, make luggage tags, keep invitations and create reusable menus, bookmarks and gifts: the only limit is your imagination.

In addition, the Scotch TL901C plasticizing system is portable and lightweight (only 5.4 pounds), occupying only 9 inches of its valuable desk surface. It includes a jam release lever.

Laminator For Teachers Buying Guide

How to choose laminator for teachers?

In order to select the laminator that best suits your needs, it is important to review all of the selection criteria.


Two different technologies are available: lamination hot , and that to cold . A hot laminator uses the heat generated by the rollers to melt the pocket or film, which will stick to the document. On the other hand, cold machines use a pressure system to apply the pocket to the document.

Heating Time And Lamination Speed:

It’s up to you how long you can wait before using the machine, and how quickly you want to use it. The heating time represents the waiting time necessary for the machine to be operational.

Don’t forget to check the laminating speed, which will tell you the laminating capacity (in millimeters) per minute. Two criteria to seriously take into account to avoid certain time wasters!


The level of protection of the document will depend on the thickness of the pocket used. The greater the thickness, the more optimal protection will be achieved. However, it is important to stress that rigidity is not always required, as some documents need to be folded after laminating.

Number Of Rolls:

The rollers inside the machine can affect the finished look of the laminated document. In the most basic machines, or inexpensive, two rollers are activated on heating (or pressure in the case of cold plasticization). More complex machines have more rollers to which they distribute the different stages of the process.

Type of laminator

Before reviewing the different types of laminators together, it is important to determine the type of work you will be doing with the machine. The formats are to be taken into account.

Pocket Laminator:

They are generally smaller and transportable than roller ones. These machines use pre-formatted pockets to cover the selected documents.

All you have to do is slip the document into the pocket, made up of two sheets coated with glue and bound by a closed side, and insert the pocket into the machine. Easy, right? This type of laminator is ideal for standard formats, such as A2, A3, A4, A5 or for badges.

Roll Laminator:

As the name suggests, this machine uses plastic rollers to laminate documents of any size.

Its operation is continuous: you can insert documents one after the other, and laminate over an indefinite length. This type of laminator is recommended for intensive use, in businesses or schools.

Hot or cold laminating?

As we have just seen, there are many things to consider before buying a laminator. One of the key points is choose between plasticization to cold or to hot . These two methods are widely used, one being more recommendable than the other depending on the type of work to be carried out.

Cold Laminating

Cold laminating is done thanks to the pressure carried out by the rotating rollers, inside the machine, and allows the plastic to stick to the document. The plasticizing film used is an adhesive film, which does not require any heating.

This method is widely used for sticker lamination and the creative arts. Its use is ideal for sensitive documents, such as photos and materials with low melting temperatures which could be damaged by heat.

Cold laminators are cheaper than hot ones because they do not require a heating system in the device. However, it appears that the pouches required for laminating are more generally more expensive and less varied than those available for hot laminating.

One of the main advantages of this kind of laminator is the time saving it can bring. Indeed, the cold laminator does not require a heating time before use. Most machines will therefore be easy to transport and use in any location.

Hot Laminating

This technique is the most widespread, due to its ease and the quality of the rendering. However, it is not recommended for use on certain types of inks or materials very sensitive to heat, which could fade or lose quality of rendering.

Several rotating rollers and a heating system make up the laminator. As soon as the pouch is introduced into the machine, the glue contained in the pouch melts thanks to the heat and is distributed over the entire document. Rigidization takes place during cooling.

The machine temperature varies according to the thickness of the pouch. The higher the temperature, the more rigid the pouch. The temperature setting is done automatically or manually, depending on the type of machine chosen.

This method should be used with caution, as the heat generated can reach 300 ° C. A warm-up time is necessary before using the machine, which varies depending on the model chosen.

Jacky Chou