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Storage Buying Guide

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Jacky Chou

Having limited storage space can be very inconvenient. However, sometimes you might not have a choice, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep your space organized. Some of the best under-the-bed storage have been helping to make a difference in these situations. Join me as I give tips on utilizing the space underneath your bed.

Is Under Bed Storage Right for Me? 

Under-bed storage is the right choice for anyone living in a college dorm, small or shared apartment. Apart from that, it is very convenient to have space to organize any leftover belongings. You can also store bulky stuff like blankets and other bedding.

Since not everyone can have a walk-in closet, you might have to make the most out of your situation. And sometimes, that means storing stuff under your bed or using some of the best expandable closet organizers. Furthermore, you can also use under-bed storage to store off-season clothes and shoes. This will leave you with additional space in the closet you have.

So I rounded up some of the best under-bed storage containers that are aesthetically pleasing and fit underneath most beds.

Under Bed Storage Boxes

RankBrand Name
1.Sterilite 56 Qt./53 L Clear Wheeled Latching Storage Box
2.Nest Neatly Smartcube Underbed Storage
3. House Again 2-in-1 Under Bed Clothing Storage with Wheels
4.Storage Right 3-pack Foldable Storage Bins
5.Iris USA 40-qt Plastic Multipurpose Under Bed Storage Containers

1) Sterilite 56 Qt./53 L Clear Wheeled Latching Storage Box

Sterilite 56 Qt./53 L Wheeled Latching Box Clears, Quart, White, 4…

  • Outside Dimensions: 33 7/8″ x 18 3/4″ x 7″
  • Contains 4 Wheeled Latching Boxes and Lids
  • Efficient space-saving shape and modern styling, ideal for underbed storage
  • Smooth gliding wheels to easily slide out from under a bed
  • Innovative latch allows lid to lift as if it were hinged for easy access with one hand

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I ordered these boxes because they come in a set of four. They are also different sizes, which is great for organizing your stuff from largest to smallest. I sorted out my stuff, which mostly consisted of some clothes, old pictures, a few books, and shoes. After fitting all these items, there was a spare storage box left.

Image Source: Thehomedepot.com

On to the testing part, I pushed the loaded boxes under the bed, and the bins slid seamlessly underneath it. However, the wheels on one bin stuck a little when I had to pull them out. Besides that, I liked how I could easily locate what items I wanted because the bins were clear. After a few uses, it was a delight to find out the bins don’t collect dust.

The latch is made to stay open on its own when opening the bin. I found this very helpful when I had to retrieve a pair of shoes. While I did use the plastic bins under the bed, they are also stackable and lightweight.

  • PROS
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Space saving
  • Innovative design
  • Large storage capacity
  • CONS
  • The wheels might stick

2) Nest Neatly Smartcube Underbed Storage

Sale SmartCube Underbed Storage Bag 3 Large Under-the-Bed Storage Bins with…

  • CUT THE CLUTTER – A home brimming with clothes, linens, toys, and more leads to disorganization and discomfort. Take your home from…
  • WHAT’S INSIDE? YOU’LL SEE – Never lose track of what you’re storing! You can see inside the under-bed organizers through their clear…
  • QUALITY CLOTH CONTAINERS – Don’t settle for flimsy under-bed storage bins that rip all too easily. Store items with confidence in the…
  • STORE EVEN MORE – Hide away thick comforters or heavy winter clothes in your 3 Long Smart Cube bags of storage space! Spacious and…
  • THE NEATEST WARRANTY – At Nest Neatly, we promise that our storage bins underbed set of 3 helps keep the clutter away for years to come….

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These set of 3 boxes are made of premium and strong fabric with a plastic cover. My regular go-to is plastic boxes. However, I went for the fabric storage boxes to see how they measure to the plastic bins.

Image Source: savemoney.es

Each bin measures 39″L x 18″W x 6″H, which is perfect for my bed frame. They are also collapsible; you2 can store them in their re-sealable bag. Additionally, there are adhesive stickers that I used to label every section. Finally, I stored some craft supplies and holiday decorations which I could easily see from the transparent top window of the box.

The double zip seal seems sturdy enough, although I have had bad luck with plastic covers that have zips. Plus, the storage bins easily slide under the bed without wheels. Still, all my floors are carpeted. Therefore, it would be easier to have a wheeled option, so I wouldn’t use much force when pulling them out. Aside from that, these storage bins are worth buying.

  • PROS
  • Breathable fabric
  • Easy to store
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Provides adequate storage space
  • CONS
  • No wheels

3) House Again 2-in-1 Under Bed Clothing Storage with Wheels

Sale 2-in-1 Under Bed Clothing Storage with Wheels, Rolling Drawers Shoe…

  • 【 Rugged and durable 】: The under-bed storage cart is made of metal, using metal framework wire that is thicker than others, and the…
  • 【 High-quality removable storage solutions! 】: Compared with ordinary under-bed storage organization, our storage rack comes with four…
  • 【 Easy to assemble 】: Because it is designed as a folding structure, you only need to assemble wheels and the bottom plate for use….
  • 【 Versatility】: The size of the shelf is 24*16*6.5 inches. Two high-quality storage bags can be attached to the shelf with Velcro or can…
  • 【 WHAT YOU GET 】 – 2 Metal Sliding Carts and 2 Fabric Storage Bags; Hassle-Free 30 Days and 24/7 Friendly Customer Service. We will…

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The innovative design of these clothing storage bins is what caught my eye in the first place. Before this bed storage box, I had never seen this design. Its metal mesh frame is strong enough to handle 40 pounds.

Image Source: ubuy.com

It comes with storage bags that are perfect for storing all your stuff. For example, I used it to store some of the best cordless heated blankets, extra bedding, and winter clothes. In addition, the zippered top on the storage bags helps to keep your items dust-free.

Additionally, it can fold in half when unused, making storage a breeze. I also noticed that the wheels rotate 360 degrees. This gives you very easy access when you need to push and pull it from under the bed, regardless of carpeted or tiled floors.

Before purchasing this under-bed storage bin to save space, you should know it requires assembly. I couldn’t figure out how to assemble it initially, but I got it in the end. I wish I had discovered this in college when I needed storage for off-season clothing.

  • PROS
  • Durable
  • Dust-proof
  • Easy to use
  • Value for money
  • Space saving
  • CONS
  • It isn’t rust-proof

4) Storage Right 3-pack Foldable Storage Bins

Sale StorageRight Storage Bins Clothes Storage, Foldable Blanket Storage…

  • [Multifunctional Storage Organizer]★StorageRight under bed storage containers for organizing fits perfectly under your bed. From blankets…
  • [Durable Fabric]★These storage bins are made of 100% polypropylene non-woven fabric. Odor-free and folds to save space when not in use.
  • [High Capacity]★The size of the storage box is 23.6*17.7*5.9 inches (60x45x15cm) and the capacity is 40 liters. The storage bag can hold…
  • [Reinforced Handles]★The sturdy stitched handles are convenient to pull the storage bag and to carry easily. On each side of the storage…
  • [Thoughtful Design]★With a front transparent window, you will see inside contents easily and quickly, and the 5# zippers are strong enough…

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My favorite feature of fabric bed storage solutions is how they fold away when not used. This is their best quality. Especially when you compare them to plastic bins and metal bed storage solutions.

This 3-pack has a different design with a transparent window is on the side, and the zippered top is made of fabric. It also has sections within the storage bins which I found are super easy to label with adhesive stickers.

Image Source: Walmart.com

The sections can be removed, which I did on 2 bins, where I stored my living room throw pillows. I also used the extra bin to store clothes that required alterations and repairs.

The handles seemed a little weak, especially if you fill the boxes to the brim (the total capacity is 40 liters). Additionally, the dragging and pulling gave me a real challenge since I had to be careful about how I pulled them.

  • PROS
  • Durable
  • They store away neatly
  • Lightweight
  • Value for money
  • Easy to use
  • CONS
  • The bins can’t hold their shape

5) Iris USA 40-qt Plastic Multipurpose Under Bed Storage Containers

IRIS USA Plastic 40 Quart Under Bed Storage Container with Lids and…

  • EVERYDAY ORGANIZATION: Clear containers are large enough for organizing all of your home and storage needs. Perfect for keeping dirt and…
  • SPACE SAVING: These bins are great for fitting in tight spaces and maximizing your storage capabilities. The tight fitting durable lids can…
  • CLEAR VIEW: Quickly and easily find all your items with the clear view drawer. Organize your closet easily and conveniently with these…
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: Sleek and narrow design is perfect for sliding under tight spaces anywhere in the bedroom, under beds, kid’s room, or…
  • FLOOR PROTECTION: The bottom of container features casters to slip, pull, and cart away the storage containers without damaging delicate…

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If you don’t have extra space, these storage containers might be adequate for your needs. I used them to store camping equipment for the summer. The storage containers are also narrow enough to fit underneath the bed without a struggle. Each container store’s anything from baby clothes, old t-shirts, and children’s toys.

Image Source: alibaba.com

The top covers snap on and off very easily. This makes it easy to open and close them without a problem. They also stack very well, and I felt these containers might be more suitable for stacking when storing electronics, like my excellent tanning lamps. However, they are also perfect for under-bed storage since they have casters to prevent floor or carpet damage.

The little open spaces on the lids allow for air circulation. However, this was a problem when I had to store already worn shoes. I did expect some dampness but wasn’t prepared for the mustiness. If you store shoes in these containers, consider using a few packets of silica gel to wick moisture away.

The sizes I ordered were a little small for me, and next time I will order a size up.

  • PROS
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Convenient
  • Easy to label
  • Easy to pull and push
  • CONS
  • A few locks on the lid broke off.

Shopping for Under Bed Storage Containers: What to Consider

Under-bed storage containers are a lifesaver, especially for items you don’t use daily. Of course, it pays to consider some factors before purchasing your storage container.

a) Access

Selecting a storage container needs you to consider how easy it will be to access under the bed skirts. For this, you should consider handles, wheels, and dividers. Handles and wheels make it easier to pull and push the containers from under the bed. Any feature that will make your job easier is worth considering.

Image Source: homedit.com

Dividers will allow you to access your stuff easily without leaving everything in disarray. It would be better if you labeled each section to avoid confusion. Additionally, labeling will help you be organized in your storage. Items meant to be stored all year will remain stored during that duration.

b) Size and Capacity

The space underneath your bed will dictate how large your storage containers should be. As long as you like the storage boxes, extra vertical space can be created using bed risers. Any storage bed box is made shallow and narrow to allow space for more storage boxes.

Image Source: alibaba.com

However, it is also recommended to have some space between the bed frame and storage containers for access. Furthermore, checking the dimensions under your bed is best to help inform your decision.

c) Material

Image Source: wirecutter.com

As I have compiled above, there are multiple materials to choose from. These are plastic, fabric, and metal storage bins. From personal experience, I find plastic bins with lids the easiest and most durable to use.

Image Source: architecturesideas.com

However, the choice is entirely yours. I prefer the durable plastic ones because they don’t catch rust like metal bins or tear easily like fabric boxes. The plastic cover also keeps away dirt and dust. Fabric boxes are breathable and provide little protection from dust.

Image Source: hellomagazine.com

Moreover, they still let it moisture and pet dander. Metal mesh boxes have fabric storage boxes but are prone to rust. Therefore, before you settle on a material, it is recommended to consider the ups and downs fully.

Other Under Bed Storage Ideas

Of course, some people might not prefer under-bed storage ideas for containers. There are other different styles you can try out if you feel under-bed storage containers aren’t for you.

i) Bed With Storage Drawers

Image Source: architechturaldigest.com

If you need a new bed, select one with drawers at the bottom. Most beds usually come with 4 spacious drawers. Kids’ beds usually have 2 drawers. Of course, you might have to pay more for the storage space. But it will greatly help to tuck away extra toys, clothes, and bedding in your bedroom.

ii) Repurposed Baskets

Image Source: livinginashoebox.com

A shallow basket can be repurposed for additional and valuable storage space. With a basket, you want to ensure that it is easily accessible. So, of course, it should be used to hold items you use regularly. Alternatively, you can easily use a basket to store away things that don’t fit on your bedside tables.

iii) Vacuum-seal Bags

Image Source: popsugar.com

Vacuum-sealed bags are easily the most space-saving storage bags. They are perfect for storing clothes like winter wear or heavy blankets without occupying much of your closet’s space. Additionally, you can store them under the bed and retrieve them when you need winter rolls around.


1) What do I keep in a storage box?

There are many things you can store in a storage box. Other things include clothes, toys, crafts supplies, decorations, and large kitchen utensils. Generally speaking, you can store anything in storage boxes.

2) Will my clothes be ruined in a storage box?

In the long term, yes, they will. It is recommended to dry your clothes at least once a month to keep mildew away, then return them to storage. Alternatively, silica gel packs and mothballs can help keep moisture and mildew away.

3) How can I make my plastic boxes look fancy?

Sometimes storage boxes can look horrid, especially if they don’t go with the general aesthetic of your room. Aesthetically pleasing boxes are hard to create. You can always start by covering them if they are openly visible.

Next, you can try to spray paint them in the colors you want. You can also use stickers and adhesive printables.

4) Can I reuse or repurpose my storage bins?

Yes, you can. Plastic is very durable. After years of use, you can easily repurpose your plastic storage bins and use them for gardening. You can also use them as sensory bins for your little one. Repurposed plastic bins will continue to endure for years to come.

The Bottom Line

Hard plastic boxes are the champions of storage. You can store a multitude of hard and soft items. They are dependable and provide airtight and dust-free services. Unfortunately, having in-built storage in your house isn’t always possible. However, you can easily keep your space organized and your possessions safe.

Jacky Chou