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Top 8 Best Motorcycle Lift Tables Reviews in 2023

Jacky Chou

Whether you’re a powersport hobbyist, professional mechanic, or someplace in between, our massive collection of best motorcycle lift tables will supply you with the best answer for your particular bike maintenance requirements. The following quality table lifts have been made to create the procedure for raising your motorcycle to appropriate servicing height safer and simpler than ever. From compressed air elevators and hydraulic lifts to air-over-hydraulic versions which use a combination of both, our wide array of motorcycle lift tables has been designed to adapt any existing garage or store setup.

List Of 8 Best Motorcycle Lift Tables

1. Titan Ramps 1,000 lb Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Table Extra Long Heavy Duty

Titan Ramps 1,000 lb Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Table Extra Long Heavy Duty

The Titan Ramps 1,000 Pound Capacity Motorcycle Lift Table is exactly what you will need to outfit your motorcycle repair or automobile shop. This heavy-duty 11 gauge steel plate hydraulic lift is among the most powerful lifts available on the industry. Every one of the high power system ramps isn’t only hard but also will help save space at the garage.

By raising your bike up to eye level or greater, you can remove many of the logistical difficulties related to bike repair and servicing. This table ramp works on a hydraulics mechanism using a double pedal system.

1 pedal raises the table whereas another reduces it. A number of the other characteristics of the ramp comprise a wheel chock, stop plate, and also tie-down strap accessibility ports. This ramp was made with your safety in mind.

Additionally, it is built using a diamond plating surface to prevent the tires from slipping and slipping as you work in your bike. The whole ramp has measurements of 8 1/2″ — 34″ tall x 81 1/4″ extended x 21 3/4″ broad. The approach ramp has measurements of 25 3/4″ x 21 3/4″ x 1/8″ thick.

The ramp itself weighs only 293 lbs. These ramps are created out of a drop panel system which could easily be rolled up and reduced to save space in your own garage or expert store. Whether you’re working in your motorcycle or operating on a client’s bike at the store, this hydraulic ramp table is an excellent addition to your own gear, accessories, parts, and gear.

2. Rage Powersports Air Operated Motorcycle Lift Table with Wheel Chock & Drop Panel

Rage Powersports Air Operated Motorcycle Lift Table with Wheel Chock & Drop Panel

Premium pneumatic, air controlled, 78.75″ L x 24″ W Black Widow Motorcycle Lift Table and Stand. The premium quality motorcycle lift occupies virtually any motorcycle in the industry around 1,000 lbs. For service, maintenance, cleanup and bike shows.

Lifting 7″ into 33″ with the BW-1000A demands 90-100 PSI via a foot pedal for hands free operation. The 78.75″ extended platform table has a 24″ approach ramp, an oversized wheel clamp, plus a 11.5″ x 21.75″ back drop panel for rear wheel accessibility. Contains multiple safety lock positions, front move system, together with elbows dolly, and adjustable front support legs.

3. Black Widow Extra Wide Air/Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift – 1,500 lbs. Capacity

Black Widow Extra Wide Air/Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift - 1,500 lbs. Capacity

Safely raise any motorcycle, ATV, or lawn mower into the appropriate level for easy maintenance, off-season storage, or routine oil changes in the ease of your own garage using all our Black Widow Pneumatic Motorcycle Lift Table.

Powered by compressed air (90 psi minimum needed ), this 1,500 lb. Capacity ATV/motorcycle lift effortlessly raises its 78″L x 47″W steel stage out of 6-3/4″ into 33-1/2″ off the ground. A variety of safety features comprise a wheel clamp using vise, safety guards, and adjustable support legs enabling you to load, protected, and raise any bike or ATV efficiently without help.

A removable 24″ ramp streamlines the loading procedure and raises the overall system thickness to 102″ for servicing bikes with longer wheelbases. When your bike is secured in position and raised to the appropriate height, repairing or replacement tires would be a breeze due to some handy 20″ L x 18″ W back drop-down service panel at the system.

The steel and ramp lifting system contain a diamond plate for exceptional traction and also a powder-coated glossy finish to prevent corrosion and rust. Threaded levelers in the front part of the lift table permit you to make small adjustments to adapt for irregular surfaces.

4. Goplus 300lb Motorcycle Lift Table

Goplus 300lb Motorcycle Lift Table

300Lbs of Bearing Capacity — Lifting around 300 lbs, the hydraulic scissor floor jack is great for tinkering in your small motorcycle or dirt bike.

Enough Lifting Height — lift height in 15 inches (min height) to 38 inches (max height), the lift table gets rid of the requirement to stoop or kneel while working on your motorcycle.

Rubber Padded Platform to avoid Damage — The large top platform gives a secure, stable surface to your motorcycle whilst utilizing the port. Along with the rubber padding prevents any metal on metal contact, safeguarding your ride against scratching, scuffing and scratching.

Easy Operation — Easy to use foot pedal operation for raising and lowering, and compared with the standard lifting system, it’s more labor-saving. In Addition to add all components to mount bike to endure securely

5. Black Widow ProLift Motorcycle Lift Table with Cruiser V-Twin Center Jack

Black Widow ProLift Motorcycle Lift Table with Cruiser V-Twin Center Jack

Black Widow ProLift collection powersport gear is built strong and dependable for years of reliable usage. Lift a Cruiser or V-Twin motorcycle from 7″ into 31.25″ from the floor to get service, maintenance, and custom mods in a comfortable working level using the Black Widow ProLift motorcycle table.

With an extra spacious platform, the ProLift motorcycle lift table provides an extra big 105.5″ x 48″ work place capable of encouraging bikes weighing up to 1,500 lbs maximum. An incorporated adjustable wheel chock stabilizes the motorcycle set up by the front tire and can be operated using a hand crank.

The motorcycle table is pneumatic and 90-110 PSI is necessary for foot pedal performance. Designed with heavy duty steel construction and a durable black paint finish. Each lift table incorporates front rollers plus a dolly grip for quickly moving around the garage or shop. An adjustable height centre jack is comprised to lift the wheels off the table and then enable entry to the back drop panel for wheel adjustments.

6. Kendon Folding Stand-Up ATV Motorcycle Table Lift For Harley

Kendon Folding Stand-Up ATV Motorcycle Table Lift For Harley

CONVENIENT SAFE MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR — Our motorcycle table lift makes it easy to get into the hard-to-reach regions in your motorcycle. Motorcycle lifts offer you a helping hand so you may maintain and repair your bike onto a lift table effortlessly.

HEAVY DUTY LIFTING CAPACITY — Our lift tables have a 1000 pound capacity to manage just about any bike. The perfect motorcycle lifts for Harley Davidson bikes, racing bikes or dirt bikes. Our hydraulic cylinder enables controlled and slow descent to get more precise and more powerful work experience.

VERSATILE & EASY TO USE- Doubles within an ATV lift table along with a motorcycle elevator. Whether you want an ATV elevator or merely a table elevator, you are now able to make your perfect working environment with a couple of straightforward measures. Our merchandise performs like an expert table elevator.

7. Black Widow BW HD Air OP Heavy Duty ProLift 1,500 lb Motorcycle Scissor Lift Table

Black Widow BW HD Air OP Heavy Duty ProLift 1,500 lb Motorcycle Scissor Lift Table

The BW-PROLIFT-HD motorcycle table is a Rage Powersports merchandise brand which weighs only about 434 lbs. As a luxury model merchandise, this table is mainly made for big bikes.

Using a lifting capacity of 1500 lbs and a huge table region, it can comfortably look after any bike regardless of the size. The table’s length is 105 inches whereas its diameter is 24 inches.

A number of its amazing features include an adjustable wheel vice, a ramp, and also a drop-out plate. An inbuilt centre lift enables it to lift off wheels off the table a lot easier.

Servicing the bike tires may, hence, be rather easy for this table. A 90 PSI air pressure is needed to operate the lift. An 8-position locking system is also contained for safety purposes.

There’s also a 1 year warranty period offered to the buyers by the table’s producer.

8. Redline TR1500 Trike Motorcycle Lift Table

Redline TR1500 Trike Motorcycle Lift Table

This is the ideal lift table for trikes. It’s side extensions which enable you easily get into the trike in the engine.

The lifting height of this table is 46 inches, so its length is 110 inches whereas its width is 63 inches.

A few of its features include a removable 3-piece back ramp section, inbuilt castors plus a completely free front extension panel, and back drop out panel plus a double functioning foot pump, side extension panels along with also an inbuilt safety lock system.

The weight of this table is 716 lbs. It may be reduced up to your height of 8.25 inches.

To be able to function the table you need a minimum air pressure of 100 psi. 7 CFM of air supply is necessary by the air engine.

The inbuilt castors have been non-load bearing consequently enables easier motion.


In summary, it’s clear that the lifting table consists of several types and not all them are all suitable for every single model of motorcycle. Thinking about the above things, you are confident of buying best motorcycle lift tables that’ll be secure, durable and will last longer.

Jacky Chou