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Best Ornament Storage Containers & Hassle-Free Storage Ideas

Jacky Chou

Christmas is that special time of the year. Putting up holiday décor with loved ones is one way to make the holiday season even more fun. But what happens when the holiday season is done and it’s time to put away all those classic fragile Christmas lights and pricey ornaments? We’ve rounded up some easy ornament storage hacks and some of the best ornament storage containers you can use.

These storage solutions will always come in handy since there’s no worse feeling than investing in Christmas ornaments, only to find them all smashed to pieces 364 days later. Additionally, these are the best Christmas ornament storage ideas for people who live in apartments or have no dedicated place to store ornaments after the holiday.

Let’s get right into it.

Our Top Picks

RankBrand Name
1.612 Vermont Christmas Ornament Storage Box- Best Overall
2.Handy Laundry Fabric Ornament Cube- Best Storage Cube Organizer
3. Classic Accessories Christmas Tree Ornament Organizer- Best Portable Storage Box
4.Whitmor Christmas Large Ornament Storage Zip Chest (112 Compartments) – Best Large Ornament Storage Box
5.Sterilite Stackable Ornament Storage Box (6 Pack) with Lid – Best Stackable Storage Box

1. 612 Vermont Christmas Ornament Storage Box- Best Overall

612 Vermont Christmas Ornament Storage Box with Adjustable Acid-Free…

  • 4 Removable Trays with Handles. Container holds up to 60 – 3” Ornaments
  • Made from acid-free materials to prevent damage and discoloration to holiday ornaments
  • Made from a durable cardboard and lined with a resilient non-woven material
  • Identification tag. Exterior braided handles. Measures: 16.25” x 10” x 13.25”
  • Remove a divider or two in a tray to accommodate larger ornaments

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From our trials, the 612 Vermont Christmas ornament storage box ranked as one of the best Christmas ornament storage containers. This is what we’d recommend for heirloom ornaments and expensive pieces you’d want to keep around for a good while.

Image Credit: amazon.com

One of the first things we noticed was its sturdy construction. The body is made from durable cardboard lined with a nonwoven material. This storage container also features a lovely wine-red exterior with black woven handles. It also has nifty features like a highly visible identification tag that you can use to label on the side.

We noticed that the stackable containers making up this storage container create a relatively huge storage space that can hold up to 60 different ornaments. However, this organizer has collapsible dividers in four removable trays that can easily carry smaller ornaments. At maximum, the diameter of these ornaments is 3 inches for a snug fit.

Since the dividers are movable, we could adjust the space by removing two or three dividers to put larger or odd-shaped ornaments.

Besides conveniently storing ornaments, this storage box offers extra protection from its sturdy design. We also pleasantly learned that it’s made from acid-free materials, ensuring that the ornaments won’t fade or discolor.

  • PROS
  • Sturdy design that protects ornaments
  • Constructed from acid-free materials
  • Removable trays with handles that can be used separately
  • Stackable trays that create a relatively huge storage space
  • Lovely wine-red exterior
  • Removable dividers that can accommodate different shapes and sizes
  • CONS
  • Cardboard construction that’s not water resistant

2. Handy Laundry Fabric Ornament Cube- Best Storage Cube Organizer

Christmas Ornament Storage – Stores up to 64 Holiday Ornaments,…

  • SECURE YOUR CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS: Three-layer box safely stores up to 64 holiday ornaments.
  • ADJUSTABLE DIVIDERS: Cardboard dividers can be moved to accommodate ornaments of various dimensions.
  • ZIPPERED CLOSURE: Zips closed at the top for easy access and to keep the dust and dirt out.
  • COLLAPSES FOR EASY STORAGE: Flattens when not in use so it’s easy to store almost anywhere.
  • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: The Christmas Ornament Storage box measures 13 inches wide X 13 inches deep X 13.5 inches high.

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Next on our list of trials is the Handy Laundry storage cube. Again, it ranked high as one of the best Christmas ornament storage cubes. It has a compact size divided into three layers which neatly pack up 64 ornaments.

Image Credit: amazon.com

We loved the lovely bright red exterior with green edges. It’s a great way to maintain that Christmas theme. In addition, the colors made it so easy to spot the Handy Laundry cube from afar. This is handy if you plan to store the Christmas decorations in the basement or attic.

The exterior comprises a durable fabric that zips up to close and protects the ornaments inside from dust, dirt, and discoloration. Inside, the interior Handy Laundry storage cube also includes movable cardboard dividers. Because of this, we noticed that it could accommodate large ornaments and odd-shaped decorations.

Once we had removed all our precious ornaments inside, the entire cube could collapse flat. This means we could easily tuck the box under a bed or couch until the Christmas season ends. This makes this ornament storage container ideal for people who live in an apartment and don’t have a dedicated storage place, attic, or basement.

Additionally, with two sturdy handles on both sides of the storage container, we could easily carry it around. The front label pocket is a nifty little addition that conveniently makes it easy to identify the different contents in each box without having to open them.

  • PROS
  • Sturdy design and construction
  • Compact size that neatly packs up 64 ornaments separated
  • Lovely bright red exterior with green edges
  • The exterior is made up of a durable fabric
  • Zippered opening
  • Collapses flat for easy storage
  • Adjustable dividers for a storage option that can accommodate larger ornaments and odd-shaped decorations
  • CONS
  • The trays aren’t detachable

3. Classic Accessories Christmas Tree Ornament Organizer- Best Portable Storage Box

Sale Classic Accessories Seasons Christmas Tree Ornament Organizer &…

  • ORNAMENT ORGANIZER STORAGE: Holds up to 60 ornaments with 3 sturdy stacking corrugated ornament trays, measuring 16″ long x 13″ wide x 12″…
  • HEAVY-DUTY HOLIDAY STORAGE: Festive cranberry debossed polyester fabric features a winter-berry motif and a laminated crimson lining
  • STORAGE BINS WITH ADVANCED FEATURES: Each tray can hold up to 20 ornaments in 3″L x 3″W x 3.75″H removable sections, modular tray sections…
  • PROTECTIVE STORAGE CONTAINER: Convenient top carrying handles with comfort pad, a sturdy reinforced base and protective padding cushions…
  • WARNING: This product can expose users to chemical phthalates and/or lead known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects,…

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It can be quite a chore to retrieve your holiday ornaments from their year-long hideout at the beginning of the season and haul them back a few weeks later.

Image Credit: amazon.com

The Classic Accessories Christmas tree storage bag makes things a little more convenient. It comes with two strong, flexible handles with a Velcro closure that secures them well. With these, we could easily pick up the storage bag with one hand.

The Christmas ornament storage bag is covered with a polyester fabric on the exterior. We noticed that it could hold up to 60 different ornaments in three trays stacked on each other.

Each tray had collapsible dividers with individual spaces that could hold at least 20 ornaments that measure 3 x 3 x 3.75 inches. We could create larger individual storage spaces for taller ornaments and other decorations when we removed some collapsible dividers.

Overall, this bag ranked as the best portable ornament storage box on our list of trials.

  • PROS
  • Large well secured, easy-to-carry handles
  • Can hold at least 60 ornaments
  • Durable polyester fabric exterior
  • Lovely exterior that works well with the interior design in the Christmas season
  • Zippered opening
  • Collapsible dividers
  • Detachable pull-out trays
  • CONS
  • The fabric exterior can get dirty and will need cleaning

4. Whitmor Christmas Large Ornament Storage Zip Chest (112 Compartments) – Best Large Ornament Storage Box

Whitmor Christmas Large Ornament Storage Zip Chest with 112…

  • The cardboard inserts are easy to assemble, they fit snugly together and won’t slide around
  • 112 Separate compartments for individual ornament storage
  • Assembled Dimensions: 20.50″ x 11.80″ x 11.80″
  • Zippered top for quick access

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As you’re hunting down where you last saw your ornaments in the attic or storage unit, it’d be more convenient to have a see-through storage bag that lets you see what’s inside. With one glance at the Whitmor Christmas ornament storage chest, you can determine the contents and what’s stacked up on another for easy access.

Image Credit: amazon.com

This ornament storage box comes in a clear frosted plastic cover. This conveniently lets you see what’s inside and protects your holiday ornaments from dirt, deterioration, and damage.

Out of all the ornament storage organizers we tried, the Whitmor Christmas ornament storage chest was by far the largest, measuring 20.5 x 11.8 x 11.8 inches. After organizing everything, we noticed it could easily and separately hold up to 112 ornaments in the individual spaces.

The cardboard dividers can easily be detached, so we could conveniently reconfigure this Christmas ornament storage box to accommodate different ornaments of varying shapes and sizes.

The zippered top was also a great addition to our books because we had easy access and could easily slide in the ornaments and decorations. The strong side handles make this ornament storage container safe and easy to lift and carry off to your storage area.

We noticed that the bright red color on its trim, handles, and the zipper makes it easy to spot when you begin your hunt early in the season after its annual break.

Overall, it ranked high as the largest Christmas ornament storage container with pull-out trays.

  • PROS
  • Frosted see-through cover for convenience
  • Large capacity that can hold 112 decorations and ornaments
  • Lightweight plastic design that can easily be carried around
  • Zipped lid
  • The plastic cover doesn’t need much cleaning
  • Detachable cardboard dividers that can be reconfigured
  • CONS
  • The cardboard dividers are quite thin and not as sturdy

5. Sterilite Stackable Ornament Storage Box (6 Pack) with Lid – Best Stackable Storage Box

Sterilite 20 Compartment Christmas Holiday Ornament Storage Box, Red…

  • ORNAMENT PROTECTION: Protect your delicate Christmas tree and holiday ornaments from breaking with this hard, 20-compartment storage case
  • VERSATILITY: Adjustable dividers create 20 individual compartments designed for multi-sized items up to 3 inches tall
  • DESIGN: Double-layered latching design lets you grab the ornament you want without unpacking the entire box
  • SEE-THROUGH: Clear lid makes viewing items from the outside easy
  • STACKABLE: Flat lid allows you to stack boxes for greater space-saving storage

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The Sterilite ornament storage box comes in six stackable boxes with individual lids. This is a nifty feature that we appreciated since it meant that we could use the boxes individually and take advantage of the extra closet space. This comes in handy when the storage area is not enough.

Image Credit: amazon.com

It also comes in a transparent lid that makes it easy to see what’s inside.

From the sturdy feel, construction, and individual lids, we could tell that these ornament storage boxes by Sterilite make an ideal choice for delicate ornaments as well.

From our measurements, each storage box measures 10.75 x 14.38 x 7.75 -inches. After organizing, we noticed that the 6-pack Sterilite ornament box holds 144 ornaments.

We noticed that each hard-sided stack-up box securely stacks on top of the other. The trays can easily be separated by unlatching the heavy-duty locks, making them simple to carry around as you decorate your Christmas tree or put it away.

  • PROS
  • Transparent material construction on the lids
  • Heavy-duty stackable closures with latches
  • Hard, protective, and water-resistant storage boxes
  • Easily stackable boxes with lids
  • Carries up to 144 ornaments and decorations
  • CONS
  • The plastic enclosure is not breathable and not ideal for some items
  • Cardboard dividers are thin and flimsy

What Factors Should You Consider for the Best Ornament Storage Containers?

Ornament storage boxes will offer neat organizational features that regular storage bins won’t. A great ornament storage bin will always include dividers or compartments to help safely store your Christmas ornaments. Here’s a list of the factors you’ll need to keep in mind for the best ornament storage option:

a) The Shape and Size

Ornament storage bins usually come in various shapes and sizes to suit different storage needs. For example, some boxes come in square, rectangular, or soft-sided bags. These rank highest among the most common shapes.

To help you settle on an ideal shape and size, it’s important to consider where you plan to store the boxes. For instance, a square box will fit perfectly in narrow spaces, while a flat rectangular box will slide under the bed.

A large collection of ornaments is best stored using stackable boxes.

In addition to the box dimensions, you’ll need to know the ornament capacity. This describes the number of spaces the dividers offer. Usually, the space would hold anything the size of a ball ornament.

We’d advise that you choose a size and shape that can accommodate all your ornaments and still leave a few more spaces. These come in handy for any extra gifts or keepsakes you might receive throughout Christmas.

b) Organizer’s Material

The most common materials that make up most ornament storage containers are plastic, fabric, and cardboard.

Plastic is a waterproof, sturdy option, but it’s not breathable. A clear plastic exterior is great since you can see what’s inside the container. On the downside, it doesn’t offer the ornaments inside any protection from sunlight.

If you like to work with colors, cardboard is a great option since these ornament boxes come in many fun colors. It’s not as sturdy as plastic but breathable and affordable.

Fabric is the most breathable option, but it has drawbacks since you can’t stack it up. On the upside, these bags can easily be folded flat for storage when not in use. Both cardboard and fabric bags offer sunlight protection.

c) Organizational Features

Packing a bunch of stray decorations and ornaments in a box without an organizer guarantees you broken pieces at the start of the Christmas season, regardless of how careful you are when packing each piece.

The best ornament storage boxes have dividers that keep the items separated and safe from breaking. Dividers come in different types ranging from simple thin compartments to adjustable ones.

Most dividers are built to accommodate a traditional ball ornament. Adjustable dividers are best, especially if you have irregularly shaped ornaments.

A lined interior provides a softer and safer place to store your delicate ornaments, especially if you have fragile items like fairy lights or hand-blown glass ornaments.

Additional useful features include pull-out and detachable trays. These make organizing and accessing different layers within the box much easier.

Overall, these features and ornament storage hacks will help protect and safeguard your Christmas ornaments season after season.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Ornament Storage Containers & Hassle-Free Storage Ideas

1. What are the best ways to safely store ornaments besides using organizers?

Here are some ways you can safely store your decorations:

  • Save the original boxes they come in
  • Use a tissue, bubble wrap, or seasonal linens to pack each item individually
  • Label each container, so you’ll know which containers need extra careful handling

2. What can you use to wrap ornaments with?

For this, you can use tissue paper rolls, bubble wrap, or packing paper. Eco-friendly alternatives include seasonal linens.

Ornaments that aren’t fragile can be put together in zip-top bags, then packed in boxes filled with crumpled paper to support and cushion them.

3. Between the attic and basement, which one is better for storing Christmas decorations and ornaments?

Both spots usually seem like the best storage areas for everything in the house, but that’s not always the case. In most cases, storing items in the attic is far better than storing them in the garage or basement.

The latter exposes the items to the elements, including the fact that they may get wet from flooding. Therefore, it’s always best to store anything that’s impervious to heat in the attic.

Jacky Chou