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Top 10 Best Puzzle Roll Up Mats of 2023

Jacky Chou

If you’re in to puzzle-solving, you understand that if it’s a lengthy puzzle, you cannot complete it in one go. You might choose to take breaks in between solving the puzzle and need your job to remain intact so you don’t need to begin afresh. That’s where the puzzle mats become involved. It’s a means to fasten your puzzle pieces once you take a rest. There are numerous types of puzzle mats available, beginning from various sizes and shapes to colours and styles.

List of 10 Best Puzzle Mats

1. Becko Puzzle Roll Jigsaw Storage Felt Mat

Becko Puzzle Roll Jigsaw Storage Felt Mat

Becko puzzle pad is indispensable gear for puzzle fans.

Maintaining high quality felt, Becko puzzle mat provides a much better method for performing puzzle games, storing and transporting puzzles. It includes a black felt mat, an inflatable tube, two elastic bands plus a drawstring bag. Becko puzzle mat is simple to operate and well-protect your puzzle bits, no stressing of falling apart and becoming wrinkled.

An attractive long box makes it a superb choice for a gift!

2. LAVIEVERT Jigsaw Puzzle Roll Mat Puzzle Storage Saver Black Felt Mat

LAVIEVERT Jigsaw Puzzle Roll Mat Puzzle Storage Saver Black Felt Mat

This mat is made of felt, and it can be a type of green substance that comes in a long box, therefore there’s no folded creases if you purchase it. It is quite simple to produce this mat lie flat on the ground. Colour is black. It’s an inflatable tube for compact storage, and two black elastic bands keep the puzzles secure in the roster. This mat is large enough for around 1500-piece puzzles. An additional non-woven tote with drawstring opening layout could be hung and retained puzzle tidily inside. Write down your children’s names on cards, set them in the clear window onto the woven tote to differentiate them. Or compose the puzzle titles on cards to easily learn which puzzle you’d like to continue to perform.

3. D-FantiX Jigsaw Puzzle Mat Roll Up

D-FantiX Jigsaw Puzzle Mat Roll Up

This D-FantiX Puzzle Roll Up Mat brings warmth to puzzle making by providing you a means to safely store and transfer unfinished puzzles. Rather than leaving your in-progress puzzle outside, you may use this useful kit to maintain already completed segments together and set up. A gray felt mat for simple puzzling, an inflatable tube, a bonus miniature pump, three flexible fasteners and a massive storage bag make it easy to take puzzles where you journey.

4. Nessie’s Playground Puzzle Roll Up Mat

Nessie’s Playground Puzzle Roll Up Mat

Are you trying to find a means to transport your unfinished or finished puzzle? The hunt is finished as with Nessie’s Playground Puzzle Roll Up Mat With Inflatable Tube you can readily store puzzles which include up to 1500 pieces. It’s simple to use and effectively protects your puzzle undertaking.

We have included everything you will need to keep your jigsaw puzzle set up! You can now choose your puzzle with you or place it away when you are not working with it. We know that working on bigger puzzles may require patience and time so we wish to make the process simple. Family game night only got a bit better!

5. Ravensburger 17960 Puzzle Stow and Go, 1500 pieces, 46 X 26 inches

Ravensburger 17960 Puzzle Stow and Go, 1500 pieces, 46 X 26 inches

Start it! Store it! Love it! This must-have puzzle accessory lets you store your puzzle without sacrificing your progress. Only puzzle onto the premium felt mat, then inflate the tube, then roll it up and fasten your puzzle inside together with the 2 straps. Unroll it when you are all set to keep puzzling to discover your puzzle entirely intact!

6. Premium Wool Blend Felt Puzzle mat roll up

Premium Wool Blend Felt Puzzle mat roll up

Unlike other mats which are folded and packed into a little square box, Grateful House puzzle mats are delivered to you in a specially designed box to prevent folds and creases. You aren’t going to have bothersome folds to cope with as your mat will put flat eternally and be a joy to use.

Patented & just available from the innovators Grateful House. Made specifically to roll and tuck the felt flush against the tube to guarantee no bits drop loose or disjoin. It allows for a simple even roll and is for perfect for secure storage and traveling. Nothing compares to this safety this tube provides your puzzle.

7. Puzzle Buddy: Jigsaw Puzzle Roll Up Felt Mat

Puzzle Buddy: Jigsaw Puzzle Roll Up Felt Mat

Perfect Storage For Up To 1500 Piece Puzzles: Puzzle Buddy lets you work in your favourite jigsaw puzzles, then quickly roll it up to store or move off, freeing your countertop tops, dining or kitchen table area whilst shielding your bare or finished puzzle out of small hands or furry pals. Perfect for traveling too! (42″ x 24″, when flat).

Premium Quality Stretchable Felt! Our black green felt places horizontal supplying a gentle, yet durable workspace to maintain and safeguard your in-progress and finished puzzle pieces. The solid color backing helps simplify sorting out your puzzle pieces. Our premium industrial grade felt lets you roll up and pack your bare or finished puzzle with no creasing and ensures that your puzzle remains in position. MADE IN THE USA, our merchandise isn’t made in the normal wool felt located in neighborhood hobby and craft shops.

8. Gropecan Jigsaw Puzzle Mat Roll Up

Gropecan Jigsaw Puzzle Mat Roll Up

Protection Mat Designed Uniquely: Following long term advertising research, we’ve made some progress on this item. The framework lines on the puzzle mat can efficiently assist jigsaw players enhance the efficacy of jigsaw puzzles and also make it simpler, especially for children and the elderly. We would like to supply you exceptional products with top quality cloth and excellent design.

Easy Storing & Transporting: We add one bit of felt fabric to get the puzzle pad, which will stop the puzzle pieces from bending or breaking once you roll them together with the inflatable tube. It not only solves a chain of difficult issues, but also offers the perfect storage to your finished or in-progress puzzle game.

9. Puzzle Mat Roll Up for Jigsaw Puzzles Includes a Bonus 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Puzzle Mat Roll Up for Jigsaw Puzzles Includes a Bonus 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

This stylish set includes all you will need for the jigsaw puzzle hobby! Large felt mat suits around 1500 pieces, 3 straps, inflatable tube, 500 piece puzzle w/poster, big drawstring storage bag, loose puzzle pieces storage tote, & gift-able box!

This inflatable tube allows the puzzle to accumulate well and remain protected while being transferred or stored. Once inflated that this tube allows for an even roll without dis-joining your puzzle pieces.

10. Bits and Pieces – Portable Jigsaw Roll Up Mat-Store Puzzles on Unique Puzzle Roll Felt Mat System

Bits and Pieces - Portable Jigsaw Roll Up Mat-Store Puzzles on Unique Puzzle Roll Felt Mat System

Bits And Pieces has been designing, fabricating and introducing premium, jigsaw puzzle accessories for more than 20 years. For the avid puzzler or recreational decoration enthusiast, Bits And Pieces has lots of accessories which produce the vexing experience simpler and more pleasurable. Produce your own designated area for perplexing or transfer and store your puzzles in progress with all our jigsaw puzzle accessories. Tables, plateaus, puzzle rolls, tabletop spinners, portfolio storage instances and caddies are only a sampling of the numerous things we provide.

Advantages Of The Puzzle Mat

The advantages of a puzzle mat are many. So, puzzles really are a favorite pastime for both young and older. Having a puzzle pad, even the small ones could pursue this gorgeous leisure activity. Puzzle mats are educationally valuable since they enable the child to learn numbers, arithmetic, along with the bible in a lively way. So they encourage the kid in development.

Moreover, even tiny cubes, houses or figures can be constructed in the components afterwards. Puzzle mats are tender, elastic, washable and non-slip. After building the puzzle pieces, they don’t need to be conserved, but function as a carpet. In fact, they’re wonderful game substances, crawling mats, and studying materials that help kids develop their motor and intellectual abilities.

Together with the soft, vibrant puzzle mats, the kid can’t just play beautifully, but also the parents are thrilled, as the youngster is busy along with the puzzle pad could be extended as desired. Theoretically, it’s possible to style not merely the nursery, but in addition the remainder of the apartment, so the kids have a lot warmer and milder crawling. Puzzle mats — authentic all-rounders!

How To Choose A Puzzle Mat?


Puzzle mats may come in various designs, and you have to receive the proper one. Start looking for the one which has an attractive appearance so it compliments with the expression of your décor. In case it comes in a watertight design, then it will allow you to have greater advantage.

It’ll protect the mat away from spills and permits you to have cleaning. Along with this, you have to determine whether it comes within an interior design so it stays in position and prevents any sort of unwanted drops.


You have to put money into a puzzle mat which lasts more. Make certain it’s constructed from durable materials so you can get the most from it. It has to provide you with a cozy feeling when you walk it and have to be safe to be used.

Start looking for the one which includes thick cushioning so that it will become powerful and provides you with a comfortable experience. Aside from the cushioning security, see whether it’s better shock absorbency. Check if it’s non-porous and has got the capability to resist mildew and mould.

Portability and Installation

Portability is an important component you will always need to remember. It has to arrive in a lightweight design so you can have simple portability. Aside from that, you want to find out whether it includes simple setup. Never receive a puzzle pad which allows you’ve got a challenging time to put in it.


Puzzle mats will permit you to use it for several tasks. You want to receive the one based on your own requirements. If you would like to have it for your child’s area, then you want to get the perfect one which brings cheer to your child. Some could even use it for industrial purposes and use it in yoga or gym classes.


There are various types of puzzle mats offered and you need to choose as per your taste. You will find routine mats and roll-ups made from plastic, or rubber. They are rather fashionable and simple to store. There’s also a buying guide we’ve supplied that you know the product better and pick the best one for you in the list.

Jacky Chou