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Storage Buying Guide

The Best Storage for Legos to Make Your Life Easier

Jacky Chou

Legos are great building toys that teach kids of different ages to be creative and imaginative. They also tend to keep them occupied for hours, giving you much-needed alone time.

However, every parent who has bought building blocks knows the struggle of finding them under sofas and beds. You dont have to stop buying your kid these toys because you enjoy a tidy and organized home. We have come up with a list of the best storage for legos to make your life easier.

Here is how to store legos if you are starting or are a lego enthusiast. Remember that the storage solution you select depends on your house’s available space and style.

You can even prime and paint one for a more custom look if you can’t find a color that fits your style. It should also be cute, functional, and one your kid will use. Otherwise, it would beat the point of buying the lego storage.  

The Best Storage for Legos

RankBrand Name
1.Honey-Can-Do Rolling Storage Cart and Organizer with 12 Plastic Drawers
2.Humble Crew Extra-Large Toy Organizer
3. Akro-Mils 10144, 44 Drawer Plastic Parts Storage Hardware and Craft Cabinet
4.Ziploc Quart Food Storage Freezer Slider Bags
5.Homz Heavy Duty Modular Stackable Storage Tote Containers with Latching Lids
6.UTEX 2-in-1 Kids Multi Activity Table and 2 Chairs Set with Storage

1. Honey-Can-Do Rolling Storage Cart and Organizer with 12 Plastic Drawers

Sale Honey-Can-Do Rolling Storage Cart and Organizer with 12 Plastic…

  • Ideal storage for home, classroom, crafts or art studios
  • Semi-transparent large storage drawers for easy viewing
  • Locking wheels provide maneuverability and stability when needed
  • Can function as an additional workspace
  • Assembly tools and instructions included

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Legos are frequently stored in storage drawers. This Honey-Can-Do is a rolling storage cart that we easily maneuver around and lock in place to ensure that it is stable while our kids use the 29-inch top surface as a DIY lego table.

Additionally, it has 12 translucent heavy-duty drawers that are ideal for storing legos in their specific colors. Children break things easily, so a heavy-duty lego storage solution is what you are looking for.

Image Credits: michaels.com

Moreover, we used it to teach our kids how to identify colors by labeling each drawer a different color and encouraging them to store them appropriately. The plastic drawers are semi-transparent, while the rest of the cart is chrome with black wheels. So, Ididn’t have to compromise my design style since it has a smart, sleek design.

  • PROS
  • It is portable and can be locked in place when necessary.
  • It comes with 12 translucent drawers that vary in size.
  • It is durable thanks to its heavy-duty construction.
  • It functions as a lego table.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • CONS
  • You can’t replace the individual drawers.

2. Humble Crew Extra-Large Toy Organizer

Humble Crew Extra-Large Toy Organizer, 16 Storage Bins, Universal,…

  • Extra-large size stores 25% more than other toy organizers.
  • Removable toy storage bins for playtime and easy clean up.
  • Sturdy engineered wood construction frame reinforced with steel dowels, 20 pound weight capacity per level.
  • 16 durable plastic storage bins, 12 standard and 4 large (equivalent to 8 standard bins) interchangeable storage bins. BPA and phthalate…
  • Product sizing— Organizer: 42”W x 11”D (16”D with stabilizing braces) x 31”H, Standard Size Bins: 12”L x 9”W x 6”H, Large…

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This is the ideal toy organizer for your toddler if you have space in your house. Your kid gets to organize all their board games and toys in the 16 durable storage bins. It has 12 standard and 4 large bins so you can organize all the toys in one station.

I bought this organizer for my niece as a birthday present because it has rounded corners. Therefore, no sharp edges could hurt her in case of an accident. It also has anti-slip straps and stabilizing braces, so my mind is at ease knowing that my niece can retreive the bins and play with her legos or toys without any incident. I mean, better safe than sorry.

Image Credits: ubuy.ke

This lego organizer is also 31” in height, allowing your child to retrieve and put away toys on their own. There are also several design colors to choose from, so you are not restricted to one color.

  • PROS
  • Easy to access and use.
  • Phthalate and BPA free.
  • It is a suitable tool to teach kids self-organization.
  • It comes in stylish colors that fit into any design style.
  • It has 16 multi-functional, easy-to-maneuver plastic bins.
  • CONS
  • It is not meant to hold heavy toys.

3. Akro-Mils 10144, 44 Drawer Plastic Parts Storage Hardware and Craft Cabinet

Sale Akro-Mils 10144, 44 Drawer Plastic Parts Storage Hardware and Craft…

  • HIGH QUALITY Rugged, high impact polystyrene plastic frame and 44 drawers. Large Drawer Size-6 x 4-9/16 x 2-3/16 inches. Small Drawer Size-6…
  • GREAT FOR Storing and organizing classroom or office supplies, crafts, beads or sewing supplies, hardware, lego and small toy storage,…
  • STACK OR WALL MOUNT Cabinets stack securely and can also be wall mounted using keyhole slots molded into the back of the cabinet.
  • DIVIDABLE DRAWERS 8 small drawer dividers, 4 large drawer dividers included and come molded into the back of the cabinet, finger grip drawer…
  • ADDITIONAL DIVIDERS: 40716, pack of 16, B0009FHJVY. 40717 pack of 6, B003BVK8K2

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The Akro-Mils 10144 is suitable lego storage for any household with several children that love playing with lego bricks. It is made of a durable high-impact polystyrene plastic frame with 44 drawers. The small drawers are ideal for small lego pieces, and large drawers for bigger toys.

It is ideal for your kids’ playroom or bedroom. I used it to teach my kids to organize their legos by color by labeling the see-through drawers. I would also recommend this lego storage for any lego enthusiast who would like to store their legos according to the sets or colors.

Image Credits: walmart.com

I am crafty, and this storage option came in handy when I used the drawers to store my crafts conveniently. The options are endless.

  • PROS
  • Perfect for storing your lego bricks in their distinctive sets or colors.
  • It is ideal in several settings as it is multi-functional.
  • It has 44 drawers that come with dividers.
  • Easy to mount and utilize the wall space.
  • It is made of durable plastic.
  • CONS
  • The drawers are not deep enough to fit full-length pencils.

4. Ziploc Quart Food Storage Freezer Slider Bags

Sale Ziploc Quart Food Storage Freezer Slider Bags, Power Shield Technology…

  • Expandable, sturdy base so you can stand these Ziploc bags and fill them with liquids, sauces, and any other potentially messy food and…
  • Power Shield technology combines durable BPA-free plastic and an easy-close slider to provide ease of use and peace of mind
  • Safe for use in the microwave (when used as directed), freezer and fridge
  • Mindfully made to be reusable and recyclable
  • Pack contains 136 Ziploc quart freezer bags for storing fresh food items in the fridge or freezer, as well as for other household storage…

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Ziploc bags are the best lego storage ideas if you are limited in terms of space. The bases are expandable, so you can fit several lego pieces in each bag. It is also a great way of organizing your lego collection into different sets you own since each pack has 136 bags.

Image Credits: ziploc.com

I like these reusable and recyclable Ziploc bags because of the easy-to-close slider that keeps legos intact in the bags. Additionally, they are safe to use since they are BPA-free.

  • PROS
  • Perfect for storing anything from liquids to solids.
  • Reusable, recyclable, durable, and BPA-free bags.
  • They occupy a small space in your room.
  • Practical bags for lego storage solutions.
  • Easy to use and zip.
  • CONS
  • Be careful of the size you pick.

5. Homz Heavy Duty Modular Stackable Storage Tote Containers with Latching Lids

Sale Homz Heavy Duty Modular Stackable Storage Tote Containers with…

  • 2 PACK OF STORAGE CONTAINERS: Pack of 2, 66-quart containers offers the perfect storage solution for storing holiday decor, linens, clothes,…
  • LATCHING HANDLES: Ergonomic latching handles lock to secure the lid providing a comfortable grip for easy carrying
  • HEAVY DUTY MATERIAL: Constructed from durable see-through plastic allowing you to see the contents without opening the container
  • PROTECTION: Lid snaps firmly to the base to ensure contents stay contained, concealed, and dust-free
  • STACKABLE: Deep recessed lid allows for secure stacking to maximize vertical storage space; Exterior Dimensions (L x W x H): 26.5 x 16.5 x…

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I prefer the dump-and-play method for storing legos because I don’t care about keeping them in sets. However, I still like them organized. The Homz 66-quart 2-pack heavy-duty lego storage containers are a good example of an easy and convenient way of storing lego bricks.

Image Credits: amazon.ca

I also recommend them because I don’t have to supervise the kids as they dump the bricks into the storage containers and close the lids until the next time they want to play with them. The dump and play method also encourages creative free play among your kids. It’s a win-win for the kids and me.

  • PROS
  • They are made of durable see-through plastic material.
  • This is the perfect dump-and-play lego storage solution.
  • You can snap the lid firmly so that the legos stay contained.
  • You can stack the containers on top of each other to save floor space.
  • Ergonomic latching handles that provide a comfortable grip.
  • CONS
  • The lid closes firmly, so you have to assist your toddler when opening it.

6. UTEX 2-in-1 Kids Multi Activity Table and 2 Chairs Set with Storage

UTEX 2-in-1 Kids Multi Activity Table and 2 Chairs Set with Storage…

  • ASSEMBLED DIMENSION: Kids table and two Chairs Set perfect for toddlers ages 3 and up, Table dimensions:. 25.6″D x 25.6″W x 20.9″H , Chair…
  • MULTI ACTIVITY TABLE: The tabletop surface is made of Double Sided Playboard ,you can converts from construction playtime table to smooth…
  • CONSTRUCTION PANELS :Construction panels on the table compatible with most major brands blocks (blocks are not included).
  • TWO CONVIENIENT STORAGES: When it’s time to pack up the building blocks, take them away to the drawers. With all your blocks nearby,…
  • BEST GIFT: This table & chair set is a perfect gift for any occasion. Ideal for block play , arts & crafts, dollhouses, puzzles, and…

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The UTEX 2-in-1 kids multi-activity set is a functional and cute gift for kids. It is an excellent lego storage idea because I found the working surface and chairs practical for my kids. The kids also used it to draw, read and be creative. I chose the expresso because it fits my decor; however, it also comes in white and gray.

Image Credits: Youtube.com

I like the under-the-table storage because it encourages kids to clean up after themselves. Additionally, they can always come back and play with them later.Moreover, they can also turn over the top piece and use it as a regular table.

  • PROS
  • The finishes elegantly fit into any space.
  • Multi-functional durable activity table.
  • It encourages collaboration among kids.
  • Ideal for taking playtime off the floor.
  • It comes with built-in storage.
  • CONS
  • It takes a while to assemble it.

What Do I Do With Old Legos?

1. Give to Charity

Image Credits: cnet.com

Children’s toys are always welcome in charity and charity shops. That includes legos and stuffed animals you store at home and do not use.So make someone smile today by giving your old legos a new home. I am sure there is at least one local charity shop around your residence.

2. Donate to a Local School

Image Credits: kamanitubes.com

Another easy way to get rid of old lego sets is by donating them to a local school—the only requirement would be getting in touch with them. Lego bricks aid a child’s development, problem-solving skills, and creativity.

So instead of letting your old lego sets gather dust in storage, put them in storage boxes and let the kids in your local school have a blast playing with them.

3. Hand It Down

Feel free to hand down your old lego bricks to younger kids in your family and let them experience the joy these toys once gave you.

4. Sell It

Image Credits: businessinsider.com

Some collectors are willing to buy original and old lego sets. So if you own such a set, feel free to sell it if you no longer use it because buying original legos can be expensive.

5. Do not Recycle

Image Credits: verbnow.com

We all want to save our planet. However, we can’t save it by recycling lego bricks since they are not recyclable. So find another way of getting rid of them, such as selling them, since it is better than adding more plastics to the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1. Do kids grow out of playing with legos?

MOSCOW, RUSSIA – JANUARY 3, 2017: A science-themed New Year party for children (yolka party) titled “Wow! How?” at the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS). Anton Novoderezhkin/TASS (Photo by Anton NovoderezhkinTASS via Getty Images)

Image Credits: howstuffworks.com

Some kids outgrow legos as they become teenagers and gain interest in other things, such as video and board games. However, some kids gain more interest and even start collecting legos. For instance, I once knew a guy in college with a big lego collection in plastic storage boxes under his bed.

2. Why does my Lego set have extra pieces?

Image Credits: jaysbrickblog.com

Have you ever wondered why lego pieces come with extra small pieces? Was it put there by mistake? Today we are going to tackle this mystery.

Lego packs the pieces into bags using machines that automatically weigh them. Unfortunately, these machines don’t always detect missing pieces. So instead of replacing missing pieces after sales, Legos prefers to have extra pieces in the bags to avoid disappointing customers.

3. What Should I Do With The Extra Pieces?

Image Credits: reviewgeek.com

a. Replacements

You will probably lose so many small pieces if you start to play with lego. Therefore, the extra pieces will come in handy, and you can build your lego masterpiece without any missing pieces.

b. Tweak Your Design

As said earlier, lego is a creative game, so you can always tweak the original design on the box and create a masterpiece. In addition, the few extra pieces will help you add a personal touch to the design.

c. Use With Other Sets

Another benefit of the extra pieces is that you can use them with your other Lego sets to replace a lost piece.

4. What should I do with my completed Lego sets?

Image Credits: lightailing.com

The most basic solution is proudly displaying your masterpiece on shelves or bookcases. However, this is not a great lego storage system because space would eventually become an issue. Therefore, you can display your favorite lego sets and store the other bricks.

Secondly, you may store the lego sets to rebuild them later. You can also downsize your lego sets and donate or sell the ones you barely use anymore.

Jacky Chou