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Best Boba Tea Flavors to Try at Any Boba Shop

Jacky Chou

Boba tea is a shared obsession of young people today, the name “boba” seems to refer to everyone, and there will be at least one milk tea shop around your house. Despite being such a famous boba, many people who come to a milk tea shop still do not know the best boba tea flavors because the menu has hundreds of drinks. It’s common to randomly pick a taste and then try it until you find one you like. But instead of that much effort, today, our article will show you the best boba tea flavors so that you can be successful the first time you choose.

Today I’m not just talking about boba tea flavors; I’m going to show you something interesting that you probably didn’t know about boba tea. The truth is that a good cup of boba tea is 60% dependent on the quality of the tea and ingredients; the rest is due to the recipe’s ratio. Many shops often give milk powder and sugar instead of tea because a good tea bag is not cheap. Let’s follow us!

The “Tea” In The Best Boba Tea Flavors

Since buffalo foot milk tea was invented, many kinds of tea have been used, such as oolong tea, green tea, red tea, and black tea. Some of these teas will contain high amounts of caffeine, especially black tea, which has the highest percentage of caffeine.

You can simply use tea bags for milk tea shops or those who want to make tea at home; this is a reasonably quick method, then you mix it with milk and fresh cream. The more fragrant the tea, the better the cup of milk tea and the sweeter taste of milk. A good tea will have a bit of natural bitterness, combined with the sweetness of milk to make the best boba tea flavors.

Another option is fruit tea, tropical fruit tea, which has been very hot in the market lately. These teas don’t require extra milk, and you can add boba. These fruit teas are especially suitable for those who shy away from sweet drinks and want a refreshing summer drink that feels fresher than ever. You can mix different types of pearls and optional toppings for the best boba tea flavors.

The Tea In The Best Boba Tea Flavors

The “Boba” In The Best Boba Tea Flavors

In short: they’re cassava starch balls.

For a deeper explanation, boba tea is entire drink-plus-toppings. Depending on your region, what part of boba is made from? In Asian countries, boba can be made from tapioca, tapioca, and in South America, we will call it yuca. This type of milk tea originated in Taiwan, then spread to other countries, and was modified with many different styles, so it is difficult to conclude what boba is made of and what flavor it is.

Now boba shops also come with a variety of toppings for extra flavor, and there are many varieties of boba you can try. They are also called bubbles because they look like bubbles and bubble also refers to the coating on top of the pearl. That’s some interesting information I will show you.

The Boba In The Best Boba Tea Flavors

Toppings For The Best Boba Tea Flavors

Today’s toppings are more than just pearls, they come in many variations, and with a menu of best boba tea flavors, you’ll have dozens of boba topping options. There are some typical central pearls :

  • White pearls are a new generation of pearls, crispy, chewy, and with a mild taste, not sweet, they are popular, and this is also the type that many people like.
  • Black sugar pearls are the next type; they are cooked and mixed with black sugar, then mixed with fresh milk without sugar to make a greasy black sugar buffalo foot fresh milk.
  • Coconut jelly is also a topping that goes well with fruit tea; they are calm and don’t get sick of eating.
  • Pudding: greasy and delicious, they contain a lot of milk and sweet fat
  • Coffee jelly is also a type of topping used in some menus because they have a mildly bitter taste, are pretty rolled, and the taste lingers for a long time.

Toppings For The Best Boba Tea Flavors

Sugar And Ice And Everything In The Best Boba Tea Flavors

Grab a cup of double iced pearl milk tea with 50% off sugar and double pearl. Do you hear this saying? If you work at a milk tea shop, you will surely hear these words a lot. The truth is that ice and sugar are vital in making a good cup of milk tea. Usually, the shops have a specific milk tea recipe, and it usually contains a lot of sugar, so if you want not to be too fat, you can ask for a 50% reduction in sugar.

About ice, you can keep it to make the cup of milk tea not too sweet when it melts. The cream cheese part of the topping is also something that many people like, and you can try double it. Usually, cream cheese will be preferred over milk cream because they are salty and fatty and bring out the smell of boba tea.

Sugar And Ice And Everything In The Best Boba Tea Flavors

Best Boba Tea Flavors

I know this is the part you’ve been waiting for the most. The milk tea flavors I listed below are said to be the most sought-after flavors in bubble tea shops, and they also get a lot of good reviews. Choosing the best flavors would be a bit unfair to the rest. The following choices are based on your purchases and overall thoughts.

Black Milk Tea / Hong Kong Milk Tea

This is a very classic tea, has been around for a long time and is used to make many different types of tea, because their flavor blends well when mixed with milk and they have a naturally bitter taste, so when mixed again It will be just right and not too sweet. This tea is usually featured on the menu alone if you want to drink it. The truth is that just one cup of black tea is enough to refresh you for a long day.

With this type of tea, the best topping is white or black pearls because these two types have a sweet taste, and when mixed with bitter tea, it is suitable and delicious. If you want to drink this at home, many tea shops now sell tea bags for this type of tea, and you just need to buy and brew milk/sugar, ice, or honey to enjoy at home.

Black Milk Tea - Hong Kong Milk Tea

Taro Milk Tea

This type of milk tea may be a bit strange to some of you, right? This is taro milk tea; these days, they are prevalent in milk tea shops lately. This type has a pretty mild taro flavor; their check-in has a light purple color, suitable for girls who like to check-in. Many people think this flavor is as same as vanilla flavor; others say it is fragrant and quite drinkable. The type of pearl that comes with it is usually black or pudding, but this depends on your choice. You can also order more cream cheese or milk cream for extra richness.

Taro Milk Tea

Jasmine Milk Tea

This is one of my all-time favorite flavors because it doesn’t bore me. This flavor is highly fragrant with jasmine flowers, they are soft, relaxed, light, sweet, and although it has been on the market for a long time, it has not lost its place. This milk tea is especially suitable for white pearls, crunchy, chewy, fragrant, and you can drink a whole cup without leaving any behind. This type of tea, if used correctly, will be extraordinarily aromatic and not sweet. Worthtaste a try.

Jasmine milk tea

Black Sugar Pearl Milk Tea

Honestly, this is not a flavor I love as the pearls are pretty sweet. However, for most of you today, no one ignores this dish, and everyone loves its richness. So I can’t help but put it on today’s list. Simply put, it is unsweetened fresh milk mixed with black sugar pearls. The pearls should be flexible, fragrant with black sugar, not burnt and bitter. As for the milk part, you need to choose delicious and fatty milk to create a great mixture.

Black sugar pearl milk tea

Strawberry Milk Tea

I put it on today’s list because it’s a sweet and sour yogurt flavor, different from the all-sweet ones above. I love fresh strawberries and strawberry products, and I believe you will too. This is a milk tea that is highly worth trying on a new day. However, I note that you should not add too much ice with this milk tea, the nature of the strawberry is not too strong, so if you put too much ice, the milk tea will be pale, making it difficult to drink. Your cup of milk tea is diluted and no longer delicious.

Strawberry milk tea


Above are the best boba tea flavors, and they are all flavors you should try once in your life. These milk teas will be on every menu of milk tea shops. Spice Kitchen believe you will find at least one flavor that you like out of all the flavors I have just mentioned. If you want sweet and fatty, you should choose flavors with cream cheese or milk cream. If you don’t like sweet, you will choose the sweet and sour flavors. The sweet and tart flavors are usually fruit tea. Thank you for reading this far, and here is an exciting video about boba tea for your reference:

Jacky Chou

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