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Fast Food Open on Thanksgiving – Where You Get Best Fast Food on Thanksgiving

Jacky Chou

To have a perfect Thanksgiving dinner is probably going to take a lot of work. Does that make you too tired?

Your cooking will become lighter when you order fast food at a restaurant. However, on important holidays and the current coronavirus situation, are fast food restaurants open or not?

In this article, we are a pleasure to share with you that fast food is open on Thanksgiving!

Top Best Fast Food on Thanksgiving For Great Dinner

There are many causes why you should buy fast food during Thanksgiving. Maybe some of the traditional Thanksgiving food has made you feel bored. And this year you want a slight change in the taste of the dishes.

Sometimes you choose to order fast food from a restaurant because you want to reduce the amount of work in a day. You want to spend more time with your family.

It all gets easier with Thanksgiving treats from fast-food
It all gets easier with Thanksgiving treats from fast-food

You are not a good cook or make complicated recipes. It all gets easier with Thanksgiving treats from fast-food restaurants. So, what best fast food can you order from them?

Let’s take a look at some outstanding fast food on Thanksgiving dishes below!

Whole Cajun Turkey – Popeye

An indispensable dish in any Thanksgiving dinner is Turkey. No matter what recipe you make, turkey is a vital ingredient.

Popeye created a light roast Cajun turkey after it’s cooked and defrosted. The outer shell is pale yellow. The exterior color gave people the feeling of wanting to eat right away.

Popeye created a light roast Cajun turkey after it's cooked and defrosted
Popeye created a light roast Cajun turkey after it’s cooked and defrosted

The wonderful aroma and rich taste of special spices will surely make you excited. This dish has a mildly spicy and sweet taste from turkey meat.

The outer crust is not characteristic golden brown, but it is crispy. The meat inside retains excellent moisture and natural sweetness.

In addition, the seasoning penetrates thoroughly into the meat inside. Even the brisket will have a fresh taste of spice.

With its beautiful appearance and rich flavor, this turkey dish is sure to make a perfect dinner. It would be best if you didn’t kill a lot of time preparing and following the recipe.

Hash Brown Potato Gratin – McDonald

Potatoes are an ingredient that shouldn’t be absent from Thanksgiving dinners. If you find mashed potatoes too dull. Do not worry! Hash Brown Potato Gratin is a great choice.

Crispy potato cakes mixed with a bit of greasy sauce will create a unique flavor of this dish.

Hash Brown Potato Gratin is a great choice
Hash Brown Potato Gratin is a great choice

Each mashed potato cake has a crispy crust on the outside but is still soft on the inside. The necessary moisture inside does not disappear.

The fatty layer of the sauce makes you feel excited. This thick sauce includes heavy cream, minced garlic, black pepper, thyme, Gruyère, and Parmesan.

These ingredients are just enough, not too much, not too much, and will be a perfect combination. It adds flavor to the crisps.

The cakes will partially protrude from the seductive sauce, creating an eye-catching effect. After baking, this dish will become a new dish from potatoes. I’m sure it would be a great addition to dinner!

Buttermilk Biscuit Stuffing – Popeye

A Thanksgiving day wouldn’t be complete without stuffing. This dish will bring you a feeling of both traditional and new.

Cookies mixed with cream, eggs, and juice after baking will create an entirely different taste.

You can feel the richness and perfect layer of eggs. Classic flavors from thyme and sage will make the dish even more impressive.

This combination creates a whole new stuffing and is suitable for Thanksgiving
This combination creates a whole new stuffing and is suitable for Thanksgiving

The chef will make the meat part from sweet Italian sausage plus some vegetables to create freshness. The main vegetables here include celery, onions, carrots, and dill. In short, this combination creates a whole new stuffing and is suitable for Thanksgiving.

CinnaStix Apple Crisp – Domino

You will not expect that the classic combination of cinnamon and apple will create a unique flavor for this dish.

If you are looking for a dessert with many flavors at once, then CinnaStix Apple Crisp is a perfect choice.

The flavor of autumn will be evident through the warm cinnamon aroma, the sweet and slightly sour taste of apples.

The chef has created a crispy toasted pizza dough with cinnamon, sugar, and a touch of fat. It accompanies a hint of apple sweetness and a crunchy apple CinnaStix coating.

CinnaStix Apple Crisp is a perfect choice
CinnaStix Apple Crisp is a perfect choice

People have pre-marinated apples with cornstarch to create a crispy crust on top but still retain the necessary moisture below.

In addition, it has a combination of turbinado sugar and spices. Butter and CinnaStix chopped after baking will create a crispy surface for the cake.

You can enjoy many different flavors in this wonderful dish!

The Best Fast Food Open on Thanksgiving

Are you worried about any fast-food restaurants open on Thanksgiving in the current complicated epidemic situation?

You can stop worrying when you come to our list of fast-food restaurants below. You can order almost every day at these establishments, not even on Thanksgiving.

However, we will introduce you to restaurant chains. You can find it near where you live easily.

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1. McDonald’s

McDonald’s is probably too familiar to the American people or the whole world. With a substantial fast food production empire, the restaurant chains of this brand are constantly expanding and developing.

McDonald’s chain of stores is open 24-7
McDonald’s chain of stores is open 24-7

This chain of stores is open 24/7, and you can feel free to go to the stores near you to order. They are always waiting to serve you potatoes, burgers.

There will also be some dishes dedicated to Thanksgiving waiting for you to discover on the menu.

2. Burger King

Burger King is a giant in the famous fast-food chain. They are always open to welcome customers even on major holidays.

Last year their entire chain of stores was up and running during Thanksgiving. And I guess this year too.

Burger King is a giant in the famous fast-food chain
Burger King is a giant in the famous fast-food chain

However, due to the epidemic situation, the working hours will vary slightly between stores in different regions.

You can call ahead and ask to get there when they’re open.

3. Popeyes

Popeyes is the largest Thanksgiving food chain. You can find more than one Thanksgiving treat at this location.

Naturally, it works all day thanks to a large number of dishes. They offer Cajun Turkey dishes or some typical desserts.

Popeyes has the largest Thanksgiving food menu
Popeyes has the largest Thanksgiving food menu

Some of their special loaves of bread are not a bad choice either.

4. Domino’s

Do new pizza flavors excite you on Thanksgiving?

Domino’s offers unique pizzas and desserts this big holiday. They are open most of the day and have a variety of Thanksgiving dishes to serve customers.

Domino's offers unique pizzas and desserts
Domino’s offers unique pizzas and desserts

Domino’s is not a wrong choice if you are looking for the right place to buy fast food.

5. Subway

Subway operates on Thanksgiving Day, and they offer a variety of fast foods on the menu.

However, it would help if you asked the staff about their operating hours. Local people manage stores. Therefore, their operating hours will be different.

6. Wendy’s

If your menu is having problems, don’t worry. Contact your nearest Wendy’s. They’ll deliver every great Thanksgiving snack.

Their menu is extensive, and there are many new dishes on this special occasion.

Wendy’s operates regularly on significant holidays. However, you should also contact your local store staff for exact hours of operation.

7. Dunkin’

Are you looking for some cake or donuts and coffee this Thanksgiving? Dunkin’ will always welcome you.

Stores remain open on Thanksgiving to serve customers continuously. You might have breakfast or a snack at their chain store.

Dunkin' will always welcome you
Dunkin’ will always welcome you

8. Starbucks

Remember the unique taste of coffee and want to enjoy it right on Thanksgiving Day?

You’re in luck that Starbucks is still open during the holidays. Maybe you can even find a discount code or unique program in this store.

9. Boston Market

You can choose a whole table in the Boston Market. They provide many different services for your dishes.

You can order turkey, potato, or cake dishes at this place. It combines the best options for you. Some typical dishes such as grilled turkey, boneless roast turkey breast, pumpkin pie…

Boston Market operates regularly around Thanksgiving every year. You can go to them if you find the cooking job too difficult.

10. Jack in the Box

You can enjoy great fast food at Jack in the Box without worrying about anything. They give you a menu large enough to make up a hearty table.

Last year all of their chain stores opened and this year certainly will. They may have a slight change in hours and you should ask the staff there in advance.


Fast food is a special food, you can use it every day, but it becomes more special on thanksgiving day. It will also make you less tired of complicated recipes.

If you are worried that no fast-food restaurants will be open this Thanksgiving, follow the list of restaurants we shared above. Hopefully, our sharing will help you have a better Thanksgiving dinner.

Thank you for reading!

Jacky Chou

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