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How often should you mow your lawn?

Jacky Chou

Suppose you are someone with a new home, and you have some patches of grass to mow and maintain now, that too on a regular basis. Then you get to paint, stain the deck and pressure wash too. This list will only go on forever. Many of these homeowner’s duties would be done just once every year, whilst other people would like to put them on a frequently to-do list.

Mowing the yard would be one of these frequently tasks. Let us look at a few factors that determine a mowing lawn schedule. Through this, you would know precisely how frequently you ought to mow your yard.

How often should you mow the lawn with your best lawn mower would depend on the following factors- it is a common question. Let’s just face the fact that everyone is a lot busier in the year 2019. There would be endless ways which can eat away our free hours.

Therefore, we always want to squander as little of our time on domestic chores like mowing as possible. This way, we would have enough time for the fun stuff like golf, tennis, fishing, watching endless Netflix and shopping. Mowing the lawn would never have to become your time eater. However, you do need to spend regular hours for it.

  • Fertilizing

One factor to consider when you set a mowing timetable for your yard is the amount of fertilizers you put in it. Loads of fertilizers equal much more mowing. Most fertilizer manufacturers use additional chemicals in order to green up all the grass even faster.

So utilizing the services would make sure that you do your mowing much more frequently. Weekly mowing is necessary and sometimes you would even have to mow twice every week. A slow releasing fertilizer, such as a simple ’10-10-10′ common fertilizer would give your turf nutrients. However, you should note that they would not cause any super fast growth of grasses.

  • Wet or Dry Climate

In case your neighborhood experiences regular and heavy drizzle of rain, then you should plan on doing your mowing much more frequently. Mowing every week is recommended, so you would not have the patches of grass pile and bundle up on you.

The same idea applies to running your sprinklers regularly. Dry weather conditions and less sprinkling on the lawn could make mowing too slow and pipe it down to once every alternate week.

  • Time of the Year

Time of year does matter as well. On springtime, the mowing could be weekly around in multiple states. The summer heat could slow down yards to crawls and bi-weekly cutting routines. The cooler temperature of fall would increase the reliability back to a minimum of every ten days between mowing routine.

  • Grass Type

The different types of grass play a vital role in the frequency of necessary mowing on your lawn too. There are a lot of grass types you can consider. We are going to save that discussion for another time. A great rule of thumb while you figure out the frequency of the mowing is simple- just walk through the grass.

Only looking at it can be quite deceiving. You should try walking barefoot through the grass for better results. This has also been scientifically proven to also make you feel a lot better, to be honest.

We hope this article has cleared some of the usual doubts about the frequency of your lawn mowing job. If you notice any factor we might have forgotten to mention, please let us know so that we could add them here and complete this article.

Jacky Chou