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How to Cook Instant Pot Pork Chops?

Jacky Chou

Now, it is super easy to make instant pot pork chops. There is no need for an oven or stove to cook this juicy and delicious dish. The instant pot is enough to make it stuffy and crunchy.  Moreover, I always try to prepare it for weekend nights at home when my family gets together. Believe me! It is the most awaited dish of every family member of mine. There will be no exaggeration that pork chops make our gathering more awesome. Furthermore, I know the pain of this type of party organizer. He/She has to look after numerous tasks to make the gathering outstanding, but he/she doesn’t have time to enjoy the fabulous moment at that party.

Out of the various responsibilities of that party organizer, the most time-consuming task is to cook something delicious that is liked and appreciated by everyone. By cooking and serving the pork chops, the above-mentioned problem may be solved. Pork chops in instant pot are easy to cook and it is not a time-consuming dish. So, you can enjoy your quality time in family gatherings. In addition, I assure you, after eating this recipe, nobody can help appreciating your cooking skills.

How to Cook Instant Pot Pork Chops?


I am making a list of ingredients with quantity. However, you can make it as per requirement

  • Pork Chop and make 2 slices of it with 1” Thickness
  • Brown Sugar: 2 TBS
  • Salt: 1 ¼ TBS
  • Pepper (Black): 1 TBS
  • Paprika: 1 TBS
  • Onion(Powder): ¾ TBS
  • Butter in small quantity
  • Chicken Broth: 1 Cup
  • Sauce: ½TBS
  • Liquid Smoke: 1 TBS

All these ingredients are not too pricey and it can be prepared in a very reasonable budget.

How to make Pork Chops in Instant Pot?

I have followed the below-mentioned method while cooking the recipe at home and found extraordinary results as well as appreciations from guests. Therefore, I only tell you the tested procedure to make this dish delicious and crispy.

  • Take a wooden board and place pork chops on it
  • Now mix sugar, salt, pepper, paprika, and onion powder in a bowl
  • After mixing, sprinkle all the mixed powder on both sides of the pork chops
  • Set the instant pot at Saute
  • Now put a small quantity butter and let it melt.
  • After getting melted butter in instant pot, place pork chops in the pot
  • Wait until pork chops turn into brown
  • After observing the brown color, take the pork chops out from a pot
  • And let the pot off
  • Pour chicken broth and sauce and liquid smoke in instant pot
  • Again set the pot at Saute
  • After simmering the broth solution, put browned chops in the broth
  • Close the lid of the pot and wait for 7 to 8 minutes
  • After 7 to 8 minutes, press the button to make the pot off
  • For natural decrease in pressure, wait 12 minutes more.

Your dish is ready to serve. Just serve and get appreciations. I bet, you are going to rock the party with your amazing cooking.

How to Serve: Instant Pot Pork Chops?

It’s up to you. How you would like to serve it. However, my favorite method to serve it with mashed potatoes with gravy. Additionally, I like a thick gravy with this serving style. You can make gravy thickness on your choice. Tip: Always use brined chops to get results above par. Moreover, don’t make a slice of chop more than 1”.


Many of us ask several questions before trying any recipe at home. Before explaining to you the exact method of today’s recipe, I will try to answer the question of some basic questions.

How much Time would Pork Chops take in instant pot?

As I have said before it is not a time-consuming dish and you can prepare it in a jiffy.  Its prep time is 10-15 minutes while if we talk about its total time then 1 hour is enough to cook an outstanding dish.

Should I be an expert Chef to make it?

Another query from one of our friends. The answer to this question is a big No. My daughter -16 years old- have made it. However, my daughter takes too much interest in cooking.

Is there any negative impact of this recipe on health?

Yes, if you are a heart patient then you should avoid it. Besides heart patients, it doesn’t have any negative impact on health.  See the following stats It contains:

  • 354 Cal
  • 16.3g Total fat
  • 110.3 g Cholesterol
  • 27.8G Protein
  • 19.7G Sugar

Is it economical to serve in family parties?

The answer to this question is absolute Yes

Is it a good idea to serve it in Kids Parties (age 8 to 14 years)?

Children (8 to 14 years) also enjoy the taste of this dish.

Last Words

I have made it for family gatherings and parties many times. Every time this recipe feels me proud. Moreover, choosing the best instant pot is very essential for you. Because the size of instant pot matter to make pork chops. So, always keep in mind a feasible size of the pot while making it. One more thing, don’t forget to give us feedback in the comment section.

Jacky Chou