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How to Fertilize the Lawn Grass in the Right Way?

Jacky Chou

A basic part of making an eye-catching lawn is being aware of how to make your grass patches fertilized. Proper process of fertilizing would give you a good green lawn you can enjoy in place of a dully colored area full of weeds. Now, fertilizing isn’t complicated.

However, there are some ways to do this the correct way when you do it for the first time. Remember, if you make a mess out of it, you cannot just get back to it the next time and go through it all over again. You need to wait until the right time in order to do the job on the subsequent cycle.

How to Fertilize Lawn Grass?

There exist two ways that you could try in order to do the job of fertilizing the grass. One of those would be to find granular fertilizer spread into some good quality push spreader. The spreader could be the dropping type which drops those fertilizer pellets right down onto the turf when you push on it.

However, the more frequently used kind is a broadcasting spreader that spreads out seeds, or in this instance, fertilizer, just in a wider pathway. This way you would not have to walk so much on the grass patches while you can still cover more area on your lawn.

  • Use of Right Amount Grass

Whatever kind of spreader you are going to use, you need to be certain that you follow the instructions that are on fertilizer bag thoroughly. Make sure you don’t misread or misunderstand those for your own benefit. You need to put the exact amount if you want to get the best results for your grass.

You have to be familiar with the area size of the lawn you have so that you know exactly how to correctly fertilize grass. Too much of it and grass would grow way too fast and then they have to get mowed too repeatedly. Too less fertilizer and the grass will not get the kind of growth you want.

  • Use of Liquid Fertilizer

The other way to get the fertilizing done on your nice grass patch is the use of liquid fertilizer bags. This method is a little bit more efficient as this fertilizer gets soaked up into your turf, without any delay. Equal division of chemical fertilizer still stays quite important if this is your choice as well.

You do not want patches of good and green grass, while the other patches turn out to be light green. This is going to happen if you fail to fertilize the patch as evenly as you can.

  • Spray Around and Have Fun

There is a common question about how to use liquid fertilizers in order to fertilize patches of grass using a liquid fertilizer. Well, you could always use a pump sprayer. You only have to mix some water with its concentrated form and then start your walking and spraying all over the patch.

If you possess a large yard, we would suggest that you get one backpack sprayer. That will hold more liquid than some hand held spraying unit and the pump does seem to work much better within these layouts. You could just purchase a trouble-free fertilizing kit which hooks on to your typical garden hose as well.

This would be for the people who want to go for the most convenient solution available out there. You just need to hook this little bottle of liquid and concentrated fertilizer onto the ending of the water hose and begin to spray. It will automatically use the correct amount of the mixture as you keep spraying. If you ask how it works, we can tell you that this could qualify as some sort of green thumbing wizardry.

  • However, there’s a catch

The most awful mistake most of the people make isn’t doing a smooth job with fertilizing the grass patch. You cannot really tell when the fertilizer would start working, and it might be quite a few days subsequent to your fertilizing process.

Depending on the method that you use, you would notice definite patterns of faulty fertilizing in different places. There can be multiple streaks which show how badly you could have done the job or just arbitrary spots that are left unfertilized. Whatever the case might be, you would need to correct this problem before you try again in some weeks.

If you do the fertilizing right away in order to make your lawn appear even, you face the dangerous risk of putting in too much of fertilizer to your lawn. This is as damaging as not putting any amount of fertilizer at all. In a lot of cases this could be really harmful. So, you should do your job correctly for the first time, so that you would not need to worry about making it right.

  • Hire a Great Company

Fertilizing could always be given to hired helps, like just about any other kind of lawn task. You only need to be sure that you hire a great company which could handle all your special requirements. Bigger size can’t always be better if we speak of the service provider companies.

If your neighbors and you have small yards, you should consider purchasing fertilizer and best lawn mower for mowing job. You may save just enough money that becomes worth sharing it.

You just do not want to need to purchase 200 pounds worth of fertilizer only for the small yard of yours, then need to stow away the chemicals for the rest of the year.

Neighbors who work together over lawn maintenance could save loads of dollars if they buy many other things in bulk as well. Now you know the right way to fertilize lawn grass on your own.

Jacky Chou