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Keto Instant Pot Recipes: A Much Easier Keto Version

Jacky Chou

Keto dieters may find it difficult to prepare balanced meals for every day, right? Cooking keto-friendly dishes take lots of time and effort as well.

However, where there is a challenge, there would be a solution. The pressure cooker can help you try unlimited keto instant pot recipes.

If you are ready to discover watering keto dishes, let’s scroll down!

What is Keto Instant Pot?

The keto diet, which consists of a low-carb, high-protein, and high-fat diet, can fit many people for various health issues and weight-loss advantages.

Keto cooking with an instant pot makes keto cooking easy for serious keto dieters. This method also works if you just want to spice up your meals with fresh and low-carb dishes. You may cook in the hugely famous multi-functional cooker, the instant pot.

This pot is an excellent tool for quickly preparing simple and nutritious keto recipes.

Instant pot - a quick tool for cooking
Instant pot – a quick tool for cooking

Why is Instant Pot Good for Keto?

Many people utilize instant pots for cooking these days. Keto dieters find it super convenient. Let’s look at some reasons below to find out why the foodies love it so much:

More than a cooker

First, an instant pot is more than simply a pressure cooker. It can carry tons of tasks, making it a real multicooker.

It can steam delicate foods like fish, vegetables, and eggs. Making bread, cakes, and other desserts such as custards and even cheesecakes is possible in the instant pot as well.

Yogurt settings are even present on several instant pot models.

Quick serving

The instant pot uses a one-two punch of high heat and pressure to cook food. Consequently, meals that would normally take an entire day to prepare are completed in a few hours.

It can even deal with tough pieces of meat like ribs and brisket.

Soups and stews, as well as beans and grains, fall under this category. Normally, they’d have to simmer for an interminable amount of time.

Safety feature

The instant pot includes several onboard safety measures. A slew of sensors, for example, assist it in self-regulating internal temperature and pressure. They’re there to make sure the instant pot stays within its predefined safety parameters.

Tons of possible recipes

The Instant Pot has created a flurry of interest on the internet. It gives you a slew of personal blogs, cookery websites, and Facebook groups dedicated to it.

These sources also provide a continuous stream of recipes when they work together.

Keto instant pot recipes are available as well. Google it, and millions of results will appear.

Keto Instant Pot Recipes

Keto instant pot recipes for breakfast

Blueberry muffin

With only two net carbohydrates per piece, you can serve these muffins as a meal. To make these cakes keto, you can add coconut flour, raw almond milk, and an alternate sweetener.

Egg muffin

The teeny-tiny egg muffins in stores are pricey, but they’re delicious. For a delicious morning treat, learn how to make these at home using your favorite type of bacon, cheese, and whipping cream.

Egg Benedict

Use eggs to make the muffins and the toppings at the same time. This is a two-in-one recipe: one for the keto muffins you’ll toast and use as the eggs Benedict’s basis, and another for the eggs Benedict itself.


It’s very simple to create this dish in the Instant pot since you can quickly combine eggs, beef, and cheese. The casserole takes 35 minutes to prepare and only has four ingredients.

Casserole only needs 35 minutes to prepare
Casserole only needs 35 minutes to prepare

Eggs bites

Cook this dish in the instant cooker if you need breakfast on the run. Mix eggs, cream, bacon, and cheese together. They may get frozen and reheated quickly.

Keto instant pot recipes for lunch and dinner

Barbecue wings

These BBQ chicken wings are sweet and acidic, defying the traditional notion of keto. You’ll prepare the barbecue sauce with fruit sweetener, marinate the chicken wings, and then cook everything for 30 minutes in the instant pot.

Lettuce wrap

The combination of buffalo sauce and chicken is a wonderful one. Lettuce wraps are a terrific way to enjoy it on your keto diet.

In just 30 minutes, you can have nicely cooked buffalo chicken thanks to the instant pot. Please put it on top of crisp lettuce leaves, and you’ve got yourself a low-carb meal.

Egg roll

Try creating reconstructed egg rolls in the instant pot if you like take-out food. They have a similar taste profile without deep frying. They also fit within a ketogenic diet. You can make the rolls ahead of time for quick weekday lunches.

Egg rolls to take out
Egg rolls to take out

Shrimp scampi

The aromas of shrimp scampi come out with the low-carb version. It would be best if you serve it over cauliflower rice rather than pasta.

The idea stems from the Instant Pot website and takes only a few minutes to prepare. It’s delicious and keto-friendly, thanks to ingredients like garlic, lemon juice, and white wine.

Lemon dill salmon

On the keto diet, fish is a good source of protein. The instant pot can make most varieties of fish in a few minutes.

The keto salmon recipe must be a hit on hectic nights, only with 10 minutes of preparation.

Mushroom and chicken

With the use of the instant pot, a comfortable and fulfilling supper of cream chicken and mushrooms may be on the plate in only 30 minutes.

The ingredients for this dish are simple yet tasty – and low in carbohydrates.


Traditionally, pot roast takes a long time to make. Yet, with the cooker, you can have a keto roast ready in under an hour.

Soft beef chuck, packed in protein and fat, will go with a variety of vegetables in this pot roast.

Roast in the instant pot
Roast in the instant pot

Keto instant pot recipes for dessert


Cheesecake is a delicious sweet dessert prepared high in fat and keto ingredients. There are just 8 grams of net carbohydrates in each slice. Can you believe that?

Pumpkin pie

You don’t have to wait until Thanksgiving to have pumpkin pie. You can have low-carb pumpkin pie at any time of year with the instant pot. You’ll boil all of the ingredients in the cooker and then top with cream once the pie has cooled.

Orange custard

This carb-free custard might be the perfect keto dessert. It comes with orange zest, coconut milk, collagen, and stevia. Such an ideal choice if you have a sweet tooth.

Brownie cups

Use some cocoa powder to flavor these beautiful sweets. The chocolate cream mixture needs a few minutes to be ready. To get the most out of this dish, serve it warm.

Artichoke dip

Spinach artichoke dip generally contains high-fat components. However, it can turn to be keto-friendly with a few modifications.

The instant pot spinach artichoke dip just takes 25 minutes to make and serves ten people. Low-carb vegetables, such as cauliflower go well with this dip.

The dish only takes 30 minutes to complete
The dish only takes 30 minutes to complete

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use the instant pot for cooking frozen meat?

Pressure cooking cooks things rapidly. Hence, you may safely cook frozen meat with an Instant Pot.

Some normal cookers may allow frozen food to remain in a hazardous temperature range for an extended period. On the other hand, the instant pot can quickly return frozen meat to a safe heat.

2. How long can I cook chicken in the instant pot?

Make sure you place the instant pot securely and set the vent to “sealed.” For fresh chicken, it may take about 8- to 10 minutes. The frozen will require a longer cooking time: about 10 to 12 minutes.

3. Can the instant pot cook cream?

Yes. However, the quick-heat setting might cause milk to curdle. If you’re preparing something creamy, add the dairy ingredients last after the cooker has finished.


There are many keto instant pot recipes available on the internet. Even if you’re not good at cooking, you will find the recipes simple to make. You may not worry about the waiting time and food options anymore. The source is already there. Grab one and make it!

If you need any further information, please let us know. We are always willing to assist you.

Thank you for reading. Happy cooking time!

Jacky Chou

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