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What is Mukbang? Interesting Points Around This Hot Trend

Jacky Chou

Once a hot profession, mukbang was loved and followed by many people, but it has changed and influenced viewers over time.

Youtube is a place for many people to choose when they have free time to access entertainment, including videos from music, teaching, movies, and food issues.

The topic of mukbang is always the field that attracts the most views, and the most videos can be up to several million views. So what is Mukbang? The stories surrounding the mukbang profession, let find out!

About Mukbang

About Mukbang

Mukbang combines Korean, where “eat” is muka and “broadcast” is bang song. Mukbang is a form of eating while recording, which can be pre-recorded and broadcast or recorded live. Those active in the Mukbang profession are called “BJ,” which stands for Broadcast Jockey. This BJ eats and chats, interacts with viewers to create exchanges.

Mukbang clip can be pre-submitted and then live broadcasting via Webcast on YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, etc.

Origin of Mukbang

It occurred in Korea in 2010, and the mukbang became a trend that extended to many other nations and expanded the Network in Korea. Initially, mukbang just ate and spoke to trade, and then more and more people relied on that platform to earn money by getting brand advertisements and sponsoring money.

Mukbang is Considered a High-income Profession

The mukbang profession is incredibly perfect for many young individuals who enjoy eating and would like to act. Can indeed be full, eat plenty of food, gain media awareness, and “earn money” in particular. There were so many who shifted to mukbang.

As the reputation of Mukbang rose, a lot of people started to create this food activity, record the method of preparation, prepare and dine or invite guests to enjoy alone. Ones who produce mukbang are not limited to age and sexuality, and many people look well and converse well to create a joyful and pleasant environment.

Essen videos make visitors thirsty or engage with the method BJs consume and converse, which are beautiful to watchers with their many foodstuffs.

The food program shows online, and fans’ modest presents such as ballons are present. Moreover, the greater the clicks, the more people would give gifts, the more income they earn, the more they broadcast their films on many other websites like Youtube. Furthermore, receipt of brand sponsorship income assists BJs in getting a tremendous amount of money each month.

In brief, Mukbang is a distinct and thrilling business, eating, eating, and eating. Essen videos make visitors hungry or engage with the manner BJs consume and converse, are highly attractive to spectators with their many foodstuffs.

Vast numbers of views and thousands of channel followers have videos from prominent BJ in Korea.

By receiving donations or being a partnership of many marketing brands, BJ can get a pretty little cash through his movies.

The Harmful Effects of Mukbang

Using mukbang in various handling forms continuously raises the risk of digestive problems, ranging from high temperature to low food, salty foods, junk foods to refined foods, etc. In certain situations, this might cause the body to show signs of food insecurity, which it cannot even consume on a vacuous belly.

Furthermore, consuming too often at once might lead to a hyperactive stomach, raise stomach acid reflux, and impair the operation of body breakdown.

It is not uncommon to see mukbang videos eating raw foods such as sashimi, raw liver, raw meat, etc. Bacteria can poison the body when consuming natural, poorly processed, or processed foods ( Salmonella, Ecol). Symptoms often appear quickly and intensely, manifesting as abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, fever, chills, etc.

Although only 2% of the brain’s weight is in the brain, the energy used by the brain is high (more than 20%). Furthermore, the brain is sensitive to the level of significance.

The brain receives a balanced diet and nutrients that grow and sustain brain cells, including vitamins, enzymes, lipids, antioxidants, phytochemicals, etc. The mukbang diet in the meantime includes several “scraps” that cause:

  • It affects cerebral blood flow
  • Reduced brain cell connectivity
  • Strong brain effects due to free radicals production. These reactive oxygen species ( release stresses and influence the organism.

The mukbang mania grows and is a clear trend, which today pleases the audience. Mukbang films have more health effects than benefits. The use and consumption of too many nutrients with an unhealthy body and diet can lead to health risks and, in the long run, to the worst-case death scenario. This food trend has to be changed in a healthy way to avoid detrimental effects on children’s and adults’ eating behavior.

Why is Mukbang Becoming a Hot Trend?

Why Is Mukbang Becoming A Hot Trend

People who see Mukbang’s videos are mainly lonely to express this. The audience can eat more and feel comfortable after one day by watching Mukbang vids. The treatment of anorexia and decreased appetite in many individuals also includes Mukbang as a treatment.

Many studies reveal that visitors have access to several beautiful meals they want more. These photos stimulate and make the spectator happy. Many studies indicate that ASM R is released by tearing foods, chewing, drinking, etc… in Mukbang clips, almost all films influence the nervous element. This material has been so attractive that YouTubers earn money by creating clips from food companies. According to NPR in Korea, Mukbangers can receive additional to $10,000 a month, and the amount may increase with famous BJs often supported by renowned corporations such as Popeyes.

Many users condemn it apart from those who like this video. Mukbang could create eating disorders in many individuals and can quickly develop unsafe eating behaviors. Many YouTubers have given up their work because of the enormous health implications of eating high-calorie meals and unsanitary foods regularly.

Top Mukbang Youtubers

DONA (8.5 million subs, 4.4 billion views)


According to the Gurugamer page, DONA is the most successful mukbang YouTuber in kimchi, with both views and incomes being high. Established in April 2018, she now owns more than 8.49 million subscribers, 4.4 billion views. The average wage will be 2.85 billion won per month.

Each of her products usually only lasts for 2-3 minutes, but the views are always in the millions or more. At the climax, the female YouTuber owns a clip of eating a lollipop that attracts… 404 million views after seven months of the debut, higher than many MVs of popular Kpop groups.

However, Dona’s content production method is also controversial throughout the domestic and international online community. Her “excessive” reaction and “weird” expression made many people uncomfortable, quickly affecting the perception of children – the primary audience of the DONA channel.

Jane ASMR (9.32 million subs, 2.8 billion views)


This channel is one of the mukbang YouTubers with the most “huge” subscribers in Korea today. Established in November 2012, this girl has earned nearly 2.8 billion views – a number that many other colleagues dream of it.

Jane ASMR almost continuously releases videos every day, considered the most hardworking mukbang channel in kimchi. She mainly eats and drinks all kinds of sweet dishes. The color and appearance are unquestionably eye-catching. Because she only focuses on enjoying and creating lively sounds, Jane almost only appears in front of the audience with on her lips!

Eat with Boki (4.5 million subs, 840 million views)

Eat with Boki

The loudest and most marketable mukbang female YouTuber on social in recent days is Moon Bokhee – the owner of the Eat with Boki channel, which has 4.5 million subscribers and more than 840 million views within just over a year of its establishment. Most of her videos include eating a large banquet, including a variety of savory dishes from meat, fish, seafood, fruit, and cakes.

However, Boki is also associated with many scandals during his career. Once caught up in the scandal of hiding ads, she was “pretended to eat” by Chinese netizens to deceive viewers, even exposing the moment she “slurred” food in her mouth.

Most recently, female YouTuber This film continues to be accused of lying to the audience, claiming that he filmed and edited the video himself while a whole crew was behind.

Sooyoung (4.23 million subs, 550 million views)


Also, doing mukbang like many people, but So Young is considered a “strange wind” among a series of famous names in kimchi. Despite the support of many viewers in her home country, So Young faced a lot of mixed reactions from the international online community because she thought that she was intentionally “mistreating” and “torturing” live animals on the videos their own to attract views.

Hamzy (4.06 million subs, 1 billion views)


Like So Young, Hamzy creates a new style unique today from most of the same YouTubers. She also followed traditional mukbang methods when it began the program but did not obtain visitors.

After that, Hamzy opted to build clips and make food more believable in his tiny apartment by capturing preparation and consumption. The film of this girl has another interest: the speed is continuously increased, thereby preventing the public from being dull.

Dorothy (4 million subs, 904 million views)


Some time ago, this female YouTuber emerged as a phenomenon by the label ex-girlfriend and first love of Jaejoong (former DBSK member). That story aside, Dorothy’s channel captivates viewers with its intense spicy food videos, something that not many other Korean Youtubers can do.

Watching this video to know more about mukbang:


Above is just a little bit of information about the Mukbang career trend that has been popular on social networks recently. Hopefully, you have a better understanding of this job and its advantages and disadvantages. Do not forget to follow us to update many new and exciting information every day!

Jacky Chou

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