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PepCoin Uses: Everything You Need to Know

Jacky Chou

Sweet and savory. It’s a winning combination, and that’s where PepsiCo recognized the potential to embrace new purchasing habits. Their goal would have been to increase the number of people who bought Pepsi with Frito-Lay snacks together.

Customers would be rewarded for their commitment and continued buys through an engaging, mobile experience. That’s where PepCoin was born!

The PepCoin Strategy

The PepCoin Strategy

Scanning technology based on OCR, or optical character recognition, served as a foundation for putting the concept to life. Since each SKU has a unique identity throughout the brands – such as Pepsi cap numbers or Frito-Lay bell marks – that key allows customers to browse instantly.

From the first sign-up to detecting purchases, combining Frito-Lay with Pepsi products altogether, awarding points, and then issuing rewards via Venmo and PayPal, Hathway and PepsiCo collaborated to layout the complete consumer experience.

Multiple repetitions of the scanning were performed. It has to consider all the different ways to the snack bag, and perhaps a bottle cap could be positioned for a snapshot. A glare, a bottle cap, or a crinkled bag that is placed sideways and may still have soda drops on it, for instance, could all be present.

That’s when machine learning came into play: Every photo shot with PepCoin teaches its scanner how and where to recognize the information it needs to analyze increasingly better.

What is PepCoin and How Does It Work

What Is PepCoin And How Does It Work

Purchase a single-serve Frito Lay item and any participating specifically marked single-serve 20 ounces bottle. Visit www.pepcoin.com, scan or input the under-the-cap number on beverages or the front or back barcode on snacks. (Consumers can use their smartphone camera to scan the code.)

Get cashback – Earn a maximum of 10% money back on your combined purchase. When you hit $2, your money is automatically transferred to your PayPal or Venmo account.

Based on the national manufacturer’s recommended retail price and average blending price between each day value plus promotional price, up to 10% can be saved.

  • According to a press release, PepsiCo has launched its first refund loyalty program, allowing customers to earn points when purchasing PepsiCo soft drinks or Frito-Lay snacks combined.

According to PepCoin’s website, mobile users can scan barcodes on snack bags and under bottle caps using their camera phones to receive up to 10% of the purchase cost back.

  • Members of PepCoin must earn $2 before funds are automatically sent to their PayPal or Venmo accounts. Scan the codes just once, and the food and beverage combinations must be checked within two days of one another.

Customers must first register a report on the PepCoin.com site to participate in the campaign.

PepCoin’s brands comprise Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Aquafina, Lay’s, Lipton bottled drinks, Doritos, Cheetos, Fritos, Ruffles, and SunChips, with over 1,000 possible combinations of soft beverages and snacks.

Go to PepCoin.com and register for a free version with an email address to participate in the initiative. In addition, users must link a current Venmo or PayPal account.

After that, snack enthusiasts can begin the redemption procedure by purchasing a PepsiCo or Frito-Lay item with a PepCoin symbol. The logo would be a white line with the words PepCoin over the snack bag or the top of the container. Its C in PepCoin was meant to represent a cent.

The consumer must then return to PepCoin.com on a smartphone or desktop computer to read the code on the top of the drink or the front of the bag. . Alternatively, you can input the 10-digit passcode.

Within two days of purchase, the purchases should be entered on PepCoin.com. Users are limited to scanning three drinks plus three snacks every day, and they should be paired. Consumers can get 10% back on drinks and snacks, as per PepCoin.

However, the website states that customers must purchase a drink and a snack to get money back in the service. Only first-time customers will be allowed to scan only one snack or drink. As per PepCoin, once your balance hits $2, the cash is automatically moved to your PayPal and Venmo accounts.

According to the website, unless you scan a snack and drink combo for at minimum 120 days, the system will deduct $0.25 from your account every month afterward.

Aquafina, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Mug Rootbeer, Lipton tea, and Sierra Mist are the beverages sporting the PepCoin logo. Sun Chips, Ruffles, Lays, Munchies, Funyuns, Doritos, Cheetos, Fritos, Lay’s, and Chester’s Fries are among the snacks that bear the emblem.

If You Eat Doritos And Drink Coca-Cola, Pepsi Will Compensate You With PepCoin

If You Eat Doritos And Drink Coca-Cola, Pepsi Will Compensate You With PepCoin

You’re not alone if the cupholders are stuffed with empty LaCroix containers, or you’ve rearranged your refrigerator to make room for one extra Bubly of 12-pack. Americans have a strong preference for flavored seltzers and carbonated water, according to research company Euromonitor.

According to the business, sales volumes of seltzer water have increased by 88 percent within the last six years, totaling more than $3 billion the year before. (We’re guessing the number of folks who say ‘Pamplemousse has risen by double digits during that period.)

Soda, on the other hand, is a different story. Coca-sales Cola’s climbed by 8% over the same six-year span, but Pepsi’s sales declined significantly by 9%. That takes us to PepsiCo’s new PepCoin rewards program, which is essentially a high-tech term that means “We’ll pay you, please drink us.”

Customers now can earn PepCoin by purchasing a marked 20-ounce single-serving PepsiCo drink and a Frito-Lay snack at the same time.

They’ll simply scan those codes written on the bag and beneath the bottle cap using their phone, and once they’ve read the $2 value of codes, the money would be promptly transferred to the Venmo or Paypal account.

Customers who roll their eyes when asked, “Does Pepsi sound OK?” customers who roll their eyes can still take part: more than Seventy PepsiCo-owned beverages, including containers of Aquafina, Mtn Dew, Lipton Tea, Sierra Mist, and Mug Root Beer, will be PepCoin eligible.

There are now more than one thousand distinct drink-and-snack combinations because ten different Frito-Lay products are PepCoin-compliant, including Cheetos, Doritos, SunChips, Lay’s, and SmartFood popcorn.

(Both parcels’ codes do not seem to be checked simultaneously, and they must be scanned 48 hours from each other.)

How Long Would It Take For You To Earn $2

Every scanned snack combo is worth about 37 cents, as per the PepCoin Faqs, which equals 10% of the average combined selling value of the two things. If you’re doing the arithmetic, you’ll need six beers and six packets of snacks to reach the $2 mark. (There was also a three-combo limitation every day.)

A 25-cent “checking account charge” will be removed from the PepCoin balance when you go four months without scanning something. PayPal’s Marketing Director, Leanne Sheraton, stated in a release, “We’re excited to bring PepsiCo nearer to their customers for the PepCoin rewards program.

“PayPal and Venmo’s payout solutions enable physical businesses to communicate with their customers online while also providing a simple way for customers to redeem plus spend their extra benefits,” says the company.

Unlike specific rewards programs, PepCoin claims that it has no expiration date; therefore, there is no limit to the number of cash-back customers can earn. Furthermore, after a few combinations, you’ll have that much for an eight-pack of LaCroix.

It isn’t that you’d throw away your difficult-to-earn PepCoin on such a rival.


According to Gartner L2, firms have acknowledged a need to vary their rewards when programs expand. PepsiCo’s reward system encourages consumer loyalty since mobile optimization is crucial to customer interaction with rewards programs.

Experiential rewards or monetary advantages climbed to 61 percent of rewards programs in 2018, up from 47 percent the year before. PepsiCo can target younger consumers who are more accustomed to contactless banking by partnering with PayPal and its digital payment system Venmo.

According to a study by payment systems provider Billtrust, 79% of Generation Zers utilize person-to-person transactions at least once per month, opposed to 75% of millennials or 69% of Generation X.

Lovers of PepsiCo goods will join up for digital accounts to earn their monetary rewards, which will help PayPal or Venmo. In remarks, emails to Digital Marketer Kate Hogenson, senior engagement strategist at Kobie, stated, “PepCoin is custom fit for millennial lifestyles.

“Millenials are more likely than earlier generations to participate in rewards programs because they help them stretch their limited funds further and provide benefits such as early exposure to innovative items and deals.

To prevent losing customers’ interest, PepsiCo must deliver these benefits in a manner that empowers them to interact with their programs.”

What Else Can PepCoin Do

PepCoin allows PepsiCo to collect past purchases, birth dates, locations, email, and mobile numbers. Customers can sign in to receive an email about offers or transactions, as well as SMS alerts about news or promotions when they join up with PepCoin.

This creates an effective direct avenue for reaching internet shoppers who might not otherwise see advertisements on other platforms. PepsiCo can also send special deals to target people whose purchasing behavior has slowed, boosting revenues.

PepsiCo has also established loyalty programs, such as the Pepsi Loot campaign in 2010, which used geo-targeted information from Foursquare to boost visits to Pepsi-branded eateries like Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and Arby’s. Customers could use their points to get free music download through the program.

The PepCoin initiative, unlike Pepsi Loot, is designed to be everlasting, according to Engadget. Customers may scan loyalty cards and key fobs at checkout using their smartphones, eliminating the need to hunt around for cards and key fobs.

Loyalty members can now track their progress in earning points or cashback benefits using websites and mobile apps.

According to a study by 3Cinteractive, the number of U.S. customers who indicated a mobile-enabled rewards program makes them revisit a store and buy more often increased to 61 percent from 52 percent previously.

Loyalty programs have grown in popularity among a more extensive range of brands looking to cut through the clutter of advertising and increase client lifetime value (CLV).

With the countrywide debut of a reward program that employed Venmo to offer customers money back, Chipotle Mexican Grill almost fivefold increased downloads from its smartphone app.

The target would launch the Target Circle rewards program, which will provide 1% money back, personalized promotions, and instant access to deals. Starbucks has developed its mobile phone app and ordering plus payment, an integral part of its successful rewards program.

When it comes to mixing beverages and nibbles, the pairing is timeless. There are sixty different PepsiCo drinks and Frito-Lay foods engaging in the campaign. There are “over a thousand conceivable pairings” because users can choose their favorite pairings.

Someone may now be tasked with finding and trying all the possible pairings. It can take some time to achieve that goal. Nonetheless, it would be rewarded with a substantial sum of money in exchange for its efforts.

Even though this promotion is aimed at fans of the brands, some customers may abandon their other drink preferences simply because of the cashback rewards offered.

The PepCoin Results

The PepCoin Results

What might make snack times even more enjoyable? PepsiCo is developing a beverage or snacking sector game-changer. PepCoin rewards customers for buying and drinking their favorite drinks and snacks. PepCoin will reward customers with cash in exchange for drinking and eating their favorite foods.

Could this incentive program persuade individuals to switch their beverage preferences? Consumers respond positively to loyalty schemes. People like to believe that their purchases are essential to a business. However, for the food and beverage business, this program is indeed a real game-changer.

This cashback rewards program, as per PepsiCo, is straightforward. Instead of just earning points, you’ll get money back when you make a purchase. The consumer wins the money-back simply by purchasing only one 20-ounce marked beverage and a participating Frito-Lay food.

The user can earn money by reading the codes on every product.  The funds would be transferred to something like a Paypal or Venmo account after the $2 barrier is reached. “The more people pair, the further it pays,” to put it.

Who wouldn’t want to get money back on things they already buy? Getting paid to eat and drink has proven to become a popular concept. Strong user retention keeps generating more scans (user scanner utilization is over 80%), improving computer vision and progressively improving the whole thing.

PepsiCo has a mechanism to track specific purchases, which opens up a world of possibilities beyond PepCoin. Keep an eye out! This means its present use is the start.


The list of all the information about PepCoin above we’ve provided includes various things created with your attention. You can also contact our experts if you need guidance on how to use PepCoin and some other benefits! Please leave a comment below if you have any more questions.

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