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Some Places With Pizza Open On Christmas 2023

Jacky Chou

On Christmas Day, people tend to eat more pizza than usual. However, most of them are hard to find places that deliver pizza quickly.

This article will provide open locations on Christmas Day and offer pizza that could be just what anyone needs. Check out the information below!

Demand For Pizza At Christmas

Usually, most people want to spend time having fun with family and friends around the annual holidays. That’s why few people want to have to go to the kitchen to prepare food.

At this time, most people choose fast food, and pizza is the right choice, receiving the most love from customers.

Eating pizza at Christmas gradually became popular, forming the “Christmas Food Tradition.”

Although it started as a coincidence, over time, pizza on Christmas Day became a necessity. Some people even feel that not eating pizza on Christmas will make the holiday incomplete.

The above reasons also explain why eating pizza at Christmas is more and more popular for people.

Some Delicious Pizzas To Try At Christmas

As Christmas time approaches, decorating and finding ideas for themed decorations is everywhere. Everyone wants everything to feel festive to them.

Therefore, this is also an opportunity for themed pizzas to be born. Here are some types of Christmas-shaped pizzas that have a lot of interest that you can try this holiday season:

White Pizza Recipe

White Pizza Recipe

White Pizza Recipe is a popular pizza during Christmas because they both bring the image of snow and bring a delicious feeling to the eater.

To make this pizza is very simple, you just need to buy pizza from outside the store, then ask them to add feta, asiago, and mozzarella cheese to the top.

The use of ingredients to cover the cake, especially feta, has the same effect as the outdoor snow image. Besides, the taste of fragrant cheese also helps the cake become more attractive.

Alternatively, you can substitute red tomato sauce by asking the store to add alfredo sauce or olive oil.

One way to make White Pizza Recipe more unique and suitable for Christmas is to use chicken meat instead of pepperoni toppings or beef. The change to chicken meat helps the color mix between the ingredients on the pizza become more cohesive because chicken meat has a light color.

Tree Shaped Pizza

Tree Shaped Pizza

Tree Shaped Pizza is also a great Christmas choice that you can try.

To make Tree Shaped Pizza, you can order pizza at the store with your favorite meats and toppings. Then, use spinach or pesto for the base and top with onions or sliced mushrooms to create pine decorations.

If you don’t like these ingredients, you can use any similarly shaped foods to decorate your tree-shaped pizza.

Finally, you just need to cut the pizza into small pieces to enjoy them this holiday.

Coal Pizza

Coal Pizza

Overall, Coal Pizza feels quite different from the two pizzas mentioned above. This is a cake made in honor of the tradition of filling coal in a stocking.

To make Coal Pizza, you should order black olive-colored pizzas at the stores. A similar dark-colored pizza that also receives many orders to make this cake is Coal Pizza.

Just the surface of the cake is black, and don’t bother with the other layers underneath. After you get the pizza from the store, you need tomato or barbecue sauce to complete the rest of the Coal Pizza base.

Just like that, you’ve got a pizza suitable for Christmas and brings more joy and novelty in eating pizza on this day.

Obstacles About Eating Pizza On Christmas

Although eating pizza on Christmas is gradually becoming popular, many shops still refuse to provide the service on holidays. Of course, for those stores, Christmas is no exception. Therefore, finding a restaurant that serves pizza takes a lot of people’s time.

Some customers have to go to many places to find a restaurant that serves delicious pizza. That influence negatively affects customers’ moods and involves their happy holidays.

Places That Offer Pizza On Christmas

Understand customers’ concerns when they cannot find pizza shops in the most convenient and fastest way. The following parts will summarize some information about stores that still offer pizza on Christmas that you may be into.

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  • Pizza Hut
  • Hungry Howie’s
  • Buca Di Beppo
  • Domino’s
  • Sbarro
  • Carrabbas

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut

This is a name that is no stranger to pizza lovers around the world. Pizza Hut, with many years of experience, opening many chain stores worldwide, has confirmed its success in creating delicious pizzas.

The pizza menu at this chain of stores is very rich, bringing comfort to customers while choosing dishes.

Not only that but, Pizza Hut is also a brand that meets international standards on food safety and hygiene and product quality.

Therefore, Pizza Hut attracts a large number of customers to use pizza here.

At Christmas, this is also one of the places to provide pizza for you and your family.

Hungry Howie’s

Hungry Howie's

Hungry Howie’s is also a long-standing pizza brand in the US. With more than 45 years of experience and branches everywhere in the United States, this has become a pizza place that many people love.

A special feature of this brand is the way to choose the crust with eight unique flavors completely free of charge. Some of them are Butter, Asiago Cheese, Cajun, Butter Cheese, Sesame, Garlic Herb, Ranch, Onion.

They also offer pizza combos: calzone-style oven-baked subs, fresh salads, Howie Rolls, Howie Bread, Howie Wings, desserts & Pepsi products. Therefore, the number of customers coming to this brand remains stable and sometimes even increases.

This is also a place you should try at Christmas with friends or family.

Buca Di Beppo

Buca Di Beppo

Bucca Di Beppo is an American restaurant chain, but here, they offer dishes of Italian origin that attract a large number of customers.

Most of the service here is family-style and a la carte, but some brand branches still offer individual meals. When you come here, you can enjoy the 4 signature pizzas of Bucca Di Beppo and enjoy other Italian dishes.

Normally, the opening hours of this chain of stores are from 8 am to 9 pm, including holidays. However, to make sure on Christmas Day the store near you is still open and has seats, call before coming.


Domino's pizza

Domino’s was founded in the 1960s and became one of the leading brands in creating pizza.

Domino’s offers a wide variety of pizzas, along with constant innovation to follow customer trends. Therefore, this is also a place that receives a lot of attention on Christmas Day.

Eating pizza at Domino’s on Christmas offers a lot of choices. And often these days, the number of customers at the chain stores is larger than usual. So, you should regularly update the chain’s Christmas hours to be more convenient for you.


Sbarro pizza

Sbarro is a pizza brand that originated in 1956, famous for its pizza slices, and quickly became a renowned chain of stores in many countries.

When you want to enjoy pizza on Christmas, Sbarro is a safe place for you. We can be so confident because many years ago, Sbarro always served pizza on this day, so you don’t have to worry about them closing.



Last on the main list is Carrabbas, Carrabbas will be a safe choice when you are craving pizza on Christmas Eve.

For many years, this store was always open on Christmas Eve; some brand branches were open all day on Christmas. Therefore, this is the last suitable place in the list of pizza places on Christmas you can visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Domino’s open on Christmas Day UK?

Domino always brings a positive experience to customers on Christmas Day. This is also one of the quality brands that diners can choose to buy the most pizza on this day. However, make sure you keep updating the chain’s Christmas hours to make it easier to come or order pizza here.

2. Is Deliveroo working on Christmas Day?

Sorry to say that Deliveroo is not available on Christmas Day. This is the official announcement at the store every year, so there will usually be no changes. However, you can enjoy the food here after Boxing Day.

3. How much does Uber eats drivers make per delivery?

Typically, Uber Eats drivers can receive amounts between $8 – $12 per hour.

Sometimes, they can make more money if they work harder at lunches or dinners to deliver food to customers.


Above is some information about choosing to eat pizza on Christmas Day and the stores that may serve this dish at that time.

Hopefully, the above information will help you save time during the holidays, thereby bringing more joy to yourself and those around you.

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