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What is a Puppuccino? Is It Safe and Free?

Jacky Chou

For numerous years, dogs have relished accompanying their owners on a Starbucks run and returning with their drink: the Puppuccino. Though it has remained on the hidden menu thus far, Starbucks may be preparing to make it more official soon since the firm has submitted a trademark application for the phrase Puppuccino in connection with pet bandanas. While you wait for Puppuccino-themed pet bandanas, here’s all you need to know about the beverage.

Starbucks has created a special drink for dogs who visit the store to understand the owners’ hearts. So from now, the owners will get rid of the “guilty” feeling in front of the boss’s pleading eyes.

You can now order a Puppuccino for your puppy to enjoy while you receive your morning coffee from Starbucks’ hidden menu. You’ve probably heard of the babyccino, a cup of frothy milk with chocolate shavings on top explicitly designed for your children, but now you can buy your dog a small surprise the next time you stop by Starbucks. A Puppuccino, unlike a babyccino, is simply a cup of plain whipped cream in a little Starbucks cup that is the perfect size for your dog’s nose.

What is a Puppuccino?

Despite its fancy name, a Puppuccino is perhaps the most straightforward item on Starbucks’ hidden menu. The amount of whipped cream is entirely up to the barista. However, Puppuccinos are often served in small or espresso-sized glasses. A Puppachino is an essential drink. It’s simply a little Starbucks cup of whipped cream created exclusively for your dog.

Puppuccino is a special treat for your pet dog. A Puppuccino doesn’t contain tea, coffee, or any other caffeinated beverages. However, if the “boss” has digestive problems, maybe you should save this special Starbucks cup for another occasion.

What is the Price of a Starbucks Puppuccino?

Puppuccinos are free, but it’s bad manners to go into a cafĂ© and ask for one without getting anything else. If you aren’t going to purchase yourself a treat, at the very least, leave a tip.

Starbucks loves dogs just as much as you do, which is why their Puppuccinos are free of charge. It never hurts to put a small sip of your drink as a thank you for their assistance. We’re confident that your dog will agree.

What Is The Price Of A Starbucks Puppuccino

To limit that unpleasant experience, Starbucks has created a special drink for dogs who visit the store with their owners. The dog “boss” can enjoy a drink with the adorable name Puppuccino utterly free of charge.

How To Order A Puppuccino In Starbucks

Because it is a secret menu item, the Puppuccino is not available on the app. You may order it at the counter or via the drive-through window (and if you don’t want to order a “Puppuccino”, an espresso cup with whipped cream will suffice). This is one menu item that you can’t order using your Starbucks app, but you definitely won’t be using your app if you’re driving through with your dog. Simply inform your barista that you are accompanied by your dog and would like a Puppacino. They’ll understand what you’re saying.

Should Lactose-Intolerant Dogs Drink Puppuccinos?

Many dogs are lactose intolerant, although small amounts of milk and milk products typically do not bother them.

If your dog has diarrhea, vomiting, or gas after ingesting a milk product, you should avoid dairy entirely. The Starbucks Puppuccino is included in this category.

If my milk or cream is about to expire and I want to use it up, I occasionally feed my dogs a tiny bit, three to four teaspoons, and they don’t seem to mind. However, one of my dogs had diarrhea when I pushed the boundaries and offered them more giant bowls of milk – closer to half to three-quarters of a cup. So I’m not going to attempt it again.

My dogs weigh less than 18 pounds. Thus larger dogs may be able to withstand more. Again, a trip to the vet for guidance isn’t a bad idea. Before you feed your dog a Puppuccino, consult with your veterinarian.

Should Lactose-Intolerant Dogs Drink Puppuccinos

Should You Take Your Dog to Starbucks to Get a Puppuccino?

At the moment, my boss informed me that I couldn’t even accept the girl’s order, and I felt like such a jerk. I’m pleased that dogs are becoming more acceptable in society. Of course, Starbucks is now promoting doggie drive-thrus with its not such a secret canine menu option.

You are the only one who can determine whether or not to bring your dog to the drive-thru. A simple call to the vet for advice will assist you in making your decision.

Should You Take Your Dog to Starbucks to Get a Puppuccino


Puppuccino is not the official drink on the Starbucks menu. According to Metro, most baristas at Starbucks will usually understand if you ask for a Puppuccino. However, in the opposite case, you just need to ask for a small cup of whipped cream for your dog.

While seeing your dog with whipped cream all over his face is the sweetest thing ever and makes for great Instagram stories, it’s only recommended as an occasional treat. If your dog has a history of indigestion, it’s best to avoid Puppuccinos as well, as they can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and gas. To test if a Puppuccino is safe for your dog, start with a little bit of whipped cream before pouring it all over the cup. Once you make sure that their tummy is working correctly, it’s all your pleasure.

Unfortunately, since they’re not on the menu, you’ll need to buy the Puppuccino in-store instead of buying online or via a delivery app. However, it’s an ideal opportunity for you and your dog to get some exercise while letting the audience witness the sweetness that’s bound to happen.

So next time you want to pair your pets, give them a Puppuccino instead of letting them taste your high-caffeinated drink. Don’t forget to post videos of them eating them on every social media site because this is something everyone will want to watch.

It’s not coffee, and you should never give your dog coffee. It’s a tiny cup of whipped cream nicknamed a Puppuccino since dogs adore it, and it makes lovely white noses when puppers dip their heads in the cup.

You may get a Puppuccino at any Starbucks in any nation, and it has nothing to do with a hidden menu, as mentioned in some places – simply ask for a Puppuccino or a tiny cup of whipped cream if they’re looking at you strangely, and voila, you and your best friend have a coffee date.

Puppuccinos are also generally accessible at Starbucks, so be kind to your barista, and if they’re sweet back to you, you should be able to obtain one for free.

However, if your dog has digestive difficulties, I recommend avoiding dairy. Thankfully, most dogs are OK with a bit of dairy here and there, so a Puppuccino works for a beautiful treat. Still, I wouldn’t serve it to your furry buddy regularly, perhaps as a weekend celebration for when they’re truly the best guy.

Techniques and Hints

This recipe makes one Puppuccino, which is the perfect size for a small dog. If you have a large dog who would like a little more, this is fully scalable. Simply double the ingredients and then wonder why you didn’t get a little dog!

While nothing in this recipe is harmful to dogs, we cannot emphasize how important it is to consider your pet’s well-being. If you’re unsure if they’ll like it, try a different treat, such as a dog biscuit.

You’ll note that we don’t use any hot ingredients when making this drink. That is on purpose. You’re undoubtedly aware that our four-legged pets maybe a little naive at times as dog owners. They aren’t the best at gauging temperature and will eat both hot and cold foods. In addition, dogs’ digestive systems are not built to handle heated food or beverages, so do your dog a favor and keep the components cold at all times.

You’re probably aware that dogs have a far greater sense of smell than humans. While we do use a little cinnamon in this recipe, we use it sparingly. Nobody wants their dog sneezing whipped cream all over the place.

You’ll need a blender to create this recipe. We just believe it looks better with a smooth drink, but to be honest, we’ve prepared it without, and it went in the same amount of time.

Remember how treats are meant to be a reward for your dog? This drink is very excellent. Most dogs seem to enjoy it, but don’t give your pooch a Puppuccino if they’ve just ripped the back off of the new couch.


We can’t determine if we’re incredibly cool or simply insane. The dog is a member of our family, and it seems a shame that he is missing out on all the pleasure. We feed him other leftovers so that he may eat just as well as we do. And he now enjoys Starbucks Puppuccinos as well! What kinds of goodies do you offer your dog? Tell us in the comments!

Jacky Chou

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