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Restaurants Open on Christmas: Where To Eat Out On This Christmas Day And Evee

Jacky Chou

Christmas is the time for relaxing, gathering, and especially eating delicious Christmas foods. But there are too many things to do to prepare for the Christmas holiday.

Therefore, instead of cooking at home, you can eat out to spend extra time with your loved ones. Here is the list of restaurants open on Christmas. Some will open on Christmas Day, some others open on Christmas Eve, or both.

Let’s check out together!

24 Restaurants Open On Christmas You Should Know

1. Applebee’s

If you want some grilled food this Christmas, go eating at Applebee’s. This restaurant chain will be open on both Christmas Day and Christmas Eve. But the opening hours vary by location. So, remember to check with your local restaurant before coming.


2. Benihana

Benihana is an ideal destination for dining out if you like sushi and hibachi. The restaurant will serve you on Christmas Day and Christmas Eve too.

3. Perkin’s Restaurant & Bakery

Restaurants of Perkin will keep their door open on December 24 and December 25. You can order the special holiday menu with a Turkey Dinner deal.

4. Bonefish grill

Do you want to skip cooking and try some seafood for the Christmas Eve dinner? Heading over to Bonefish Grill. This restaurant still opens on December 24 and will close for Christmas Day. Check the opening hours with your nearby Bonefish Grill.

5. Buffalo Wild Wings

If you don’t want to cook on Christmas Day, Buffalo Wild Wings can prepare your feast. The hours may vary, so you should check by their store locator. Most stores of this restaurant chain will open on both Christmas Day and Eve.

Buffalo Wild Wings
Buffalo Wild Wings

6. Morton’s The Steakhouse

This Christmas, have your feast with sparkling holiday cocktails with Morton’s The Steakhouse. The restaurant will always be ready to serve you on Christmas Day and Christmas Eve.

7. Buca di Beppo

Book a reservation at Buca di Beppo for enjoying pasta this Christmas. This restaurant will be open on Christmas Day and also on Christmas Eve, starting at 11 a.m.

8. Carrabba’s Italian Grill

On December 24, you can have an Italian dinner at Carrabba’s Italian Grill. The restaurant will close on Christmas Day. Check the opening hours of your local branch before heading in.

9. Chart House

Holiday dinner with a bottle of Veuve Clicquot in Chart House will be fancy. You and your family can enjoy the prime rib feast with apps, sides, and dessert.

10. Chili’s

Chili’s will still open on Christmas Eve and only close for Christmas Day. Check the opening hours of your local restaurant before going for lunch or dinner.


11. Cracker Barrel

Cracker Barrel will welcome guests until 2 p.m on Christmas Eve and close their door on Christmas Day. But you can order their heat-and-serve holiday meals to enjoy country-style food.

12. Del Frisco’s Grille

Del Frisco’s Grille will not only open on Christmas but also offer a special holiday meal. You can come to the restaurant to eat or bring the meal home to enjoy with your family. There are prime rib, sides, and holiday pies in this dinner pack.

13. Smith & Wollensky

Smith & Wollensky restaurants will be open on most holidays, including Christmas Day and Christmas Eve. Come with your friends to order fall and winter dinner menus for your holiday.

14. Del Taco

You can skip the Christmas ham and order some tasty tacos in Del Taco instead. Call ahead to check with your nearby restaurant as the hours may vary by location.

15. Panda Express

Wanna try some Chinese food on Christmas Day? Panda Express will welcome you. However, you should remember to check carefully your local branch because some restaurants may close early.

16. Denny’s

Denny’s still operates as usual on both Christmas Day and Christmas Eve. You can also order their family-sized Turkey Packs to enjoy with your household.

17. Legal Sea Foods

On Christmas Day and Christmas Eve, Legal Sea Foods is open with holiday classics. Skip the cooking for Christmas dinner this year and go for some seafood.

Go for some seafood at Legal Sea Foods on Christmas
Go for some seafood at Legal Sea Foods on Christmas

18. Edgar’s Steakhouse

Edgar’s Steakhouse is one of the high-end restaurants open on Christmas. This is a great restaurant for dining out. Be sure you book a reservation by phone to have your dinner in this literal castle.

19. Ruth’s Chris Steak House

Tired of cooking elaborate holiday meals? Let Ruth’s Chris Steak House do it for you. Call to book a reservation for a feast on Christmas Day or Christmas Eve.

20. Olive Garden

Olive Garden will close on December 25. But you can still have a big Italian dinner on Christmas Eve. Call your local restaurant to check opening hours before you come and get some breadsticks.

21. Fogo de Chão

You can stop at Fogo de Chão to have delicious lunch on December 24 and 25. The restaurant will not serve dinner on Christmas. But if you want, order their Holiday To-Go packages to enjoy Brazillian dinner at home.

22. Shoney’s

Let Shoney’s cook the feast for you on both Christmas Day and Eve. Just check the opening hours of your local branch before heading in.

23. Ted’s Montana Grill

Ted’s Montana Grill will open its door from 11 a.m to 9 p.m on Christmas Eve. So, you can make a trip over for a steak dinner on December 24. Besides, you can have their steaks delivered to your doorstep if you don’t want to go out.

Steak in Ted's Montana Grill
Steak in Ted’s Montana Grill

24. Romano’s Macaroni Grill

For $25, you can have a three-course meal at Romano’s Macaroni Grill this Christmas. The restaurant will serve you Italian grill foods on both Christmas Day and Eve. Remember to book a reservation in advance.

Something You Should Know When Eating Out On Christmas

1. Don’t put too much expectation

On Christmas, most restaurants will close so that employees can enjoy the holiday with their families. Some restaurants that still open are mainly hotel restaurants, fast food chains, or neighborhood spots.

They can not be your choice for dining out, so you should lower your expectation. It may be difficult to order specific dishes or substitutions on holiday.

2. You may have to pay a bit more

Some open restaurants on Christmas will charge you a bit more for the serving fee. It’s reasonable because their staffs have to work while others can relax and enjoy the holiday. Thus, you should know about this price increase before eating out.

3. Remember to make a reservation soon

Restaurants will public their opening plan on holiday. So, if you intend to eat out on Christmas, you should book a reservation as soon as possible.

Only a few restaurants open but there are a lot of people looking for seats. If you book late, there may be no left table for you.

4. Arrive on time

It’s important to be punctual for your reservation. Ideally, you can arrive about 5 minutes ahead of your reserved time. If you don’t arrive on time, the restaurant and other reservations will be behind their schedule.

Sometimes, the restaurant will cancel your reservation if you arrive too late. If you intend to eat out with your friends or family, be sure to remind them about the time. In case that being late is unavoidable, you should let the restaurant know.

5. Be understanding and tip generously

On holidays like Christmas, it is normal if things don’t go as planned, such as slower service. Because most people are on holiday, restaurants may be short of staff and the kitchen backs up.

Sometimes, due to a large number of orders, some popular items run out soon. So, you should prepare yourself for these problems and be understanding.

The restaurant staff has sacrificed their holiday for serving you. Thus, be kind and tip them generously, even when things didn’t go as your plan.

Be understanding and tip generously
Be understanding and tip generously

6. Don’t drink too much

A boozy Christmas holiday sounds great if you cook at home. But when eating out, you should drink responsibly.

It’s better to buy your favorite bottle of liquor to celebrate at home after dinner. At the restaurant, one glass will be enough.

Remember to drink responsibly
Remember to drink responsibly

Final Words

Above is the list of 24 restaurants that open on Christmas. Eating out on holiday will give you more time to relax with your family and friends. Remember to call ahead for a reservation and check the opening hours before you go. Wish you a happy meal and merry Christmas.

Jacky Chou

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