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What is The Best Teriyaki Sauce on Rice? – A Comprehensive Guide on How to Cook The Best Teriyaki Sauce on Rice

Jacky Chou

Teriyaki sauce on rice is a perfect combination. It’s served as a sauce that can be mixed with hot steamed rice, which creates a uniquely fascinating flavor. Together, in this article, we learn several ways to bind the bond between these 2 great ingredients.

What is the Best Teriyaki Sauce for Rice? – How to Make the Sauce Step-by-step

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There are different teriyaki sauces made by various brands and each one has its own specialty. Some are a perfect match for meat, some are for seafood but what Asians love the most is rice. Can you put teriyaki sauce on rice? Well, definitely!

You might ask what is the perfect match for rice among all brands. Well, one of the best is Kikkoman Teriyaki Baste Glaze Pineapple. You may directly put this teriyaki sauce over the hot steamed rice, which is so amazing!

Let’s see why Kikkoman is one of the best choices for this. First, the teriyaki sauce blends well because its ingredients came from authentic Asian seasonings. It even used premium wine, pineapple concentrate, honey, and the traditionally brewed soy sauce.

The sauce has a sweet mixture and it’s naturally thickened so there is no need to mix and measure. Since the blend of sweetness and saltiness can be mixed perfectly with the rice and teriyaki sauce, Kikkoman Teriyaki Baste Glaze Pineapple is absolutely one of the best choices for teriyaki sauce.

Step-by-step Guide on Dishes with Teriyaki Sauce and Rice

Of course, if you do not want your rice to be too plain, here are some of the recipes you can create with just a bowl of simple rice and your teriyaki sauce.

#1. Teriyaki Rice Stir-fry

Teriyaki Rice Stir-fry

First, you must know how to make teriyaki fried rice. Here, you can utilize your leftover rice and other leftover food like eggs and beans. Then, add some healthy veggies like carrots and also, some meat.

This is way too simple, you only have to mix everything on a pan. When everything is a bit fried then pour your chosen teriyaki sauce. It may be Kikkoman or other brands that you are comfortable to use.

Then, that’s it. After mixing everything well, you now have your fried rice with teriyaki sauce, which can be your perfect breakfast I also write an article about teriyaki stir fry with many amazing dishes, you can see it here on my blog AlohaTeriyaki!

#2. Rice Mixed With Teriyaki Sauce

Rice Mixed With Teriyaki Sauce

Firstly, you need to stir fry the rice but what if you don’t have time? Well, you can just cook it and pour your teriyaki sauce!

Probably, that would be the fastest meal you can have. It’s easy to cook rice. You only need one cup (especially if you will eat solo since I doubt if you will serve this to your guests), then pour the water in the rice cooker that would be the enough amount to cook the grains.

Once the rice is cooked, put it in a bowl where you can pour your teriyaki sauce. That’s it! You can pair this with a fried fish, chicken or egg.

Final Words

Even though rice is only plain, it is very flexible and a perfect match for so many types of meals. One of those perfect matches is the teriyaki sauce. If you wish to follow the recipes here, you will surely enjoy your dish with a new twist!

Jacky Chou