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What is a Jelly Roll Pan and its Difference?

Jacky Chou

If jelly rolls are your favorite dessert after every meal, you probably already know that it was very popular in the 40s, 50s, and 60s and is still loved today. To make this delightful dessert you will need a jelly roll pan. They are rectangular and have a low edge around each edge. And let’s take a closer look at what is a jelly roll pan? How to choose the right size?

What is a jelly roll pan?

What is a Jelly Roll Pan?

The Jelly roll pan is an oven-safe baking sheet that is rectangular and has a low edge around each edge. Now, in addition to being used to making an interesting jelly roll dessert, this baking sheet can also be used to cook anything. You can cook pies from pizza.

Make sure you have a few of these handy Jelly roll pans on hand and you’ll never have to worry about having plenty to use them in the kitchen. These jelly roll pans are amazing and would make a great addition to your own kitchen/cooking/cooking pan.

What is a jelly roll pan? The jelly roll pan is a flat pan with straight, raised edges. The jelly roll pan is longer than traditional cookie sheets, measuring seventeen and a half inches, twelve and a half inches wide and one inch deep, compared to a fifteen and a half-inch cookie sheet. The cookie sheets are flat, for easier placement and removal, but a jelly roll pan will make good cookies.

Jelly roll pans have many sizes, but the traditional size of jelly roll pan is the 17.5-inch type. These pans are very versatile; You can bake or roast anything in a jelly pan, but use caution when using enameled dough. The dough for a traditional 8 or 9-inch cake will barely fill the 17.5″ pan, and you know what you should choose, but the resulting cake will only be an inch thick.

The jelly roll pan is made of metal. Find one made of the heaviest metal you can. Thin pans are prone to dents, making them useless for making rolls. Look for one that has an air layer between the bottom of the pan and the baking surface. These pans provide a much more even heat distribution.

The Difference Between Jelly Roll Pan and other Baking Sheets

What is a jelly roll pan that makes it different? Often, the use of cooking equipment specified in recipes is very important or at least useful. Sometimes some products are similar, products that are almost interchangeable under certain circumstances. The jelly roll pan, cookie sheet, and baking sheet are good examples of what I’m referring to. Let’s take a look at some of the differences between jelly roll pan, cookie sheet and baking sheet.

The jelly roll pan is sometimes mistaken for the cookie sheet. The jelly roll pan is flat and does a pretty good job of baking cookies. The distinguishing feature of the jelly roll pan and what distinguishes it from a real cookie sheet is that it has a raised edge. The most common size of a jelly roll pan will be about 12 x 18 inches and have sides up to an inch high.

The raised edge allows you to use the jelly pan to make more than just cookies. Originally, plans were developed for making jelly rolls, which are thin cakes covered with jelly then rolled into a spiral log shape. The edges of the jelly roll pan allow baking a large but thin cake. The jelly roll pan is also used by home cooks to make granola bars, crispy peanuts, free-form roasts, and roasted vegetables.

In some recipes, you cannot substitute jelly roll pan
In some recipes, you cannot substitute jelly roll pan

Although you can use a jelly roll pan to bake cookies, the flow of heat around your cookies may be slightly different than it would with cookie sheets. As a result, you may need to adjust your cooking time accordingly – just start watching your cookies 5 to 10 minutes earlier than usual if you’re using a jelly roll pan and check them out. How is it baking?

A cookie sheet is usually about the size of a pan of jelly, and sometimes even larger. A cookie sheet may have a raised edge to give you a better grip when removed from the oven, but usually, the other edges will be completely flat. The flat edge makes it easy to slide the cookie out of the paper.

Cookie sheets are usually fabricated from a single sheet of metal over a long period. In recent years, “insulated” cookie sheets have become popular. These cookie sheets are made from two layers of metal, with an insulating layer of air placed between the two layers. This can help avoid hot spots and make your cookies cook more evenly.

Silicone cookie sheets are the more recent option for shoppers. Silicone provides an instant baking surface without grease. These non stick sheets are great for prep as well as baking and are super easy to clean. Their lightweight and flexibility make them easy to store. Some people use them alone. They also work well on traditional cookie sheets.

If you want to preserve the appearance of your cookie sheet, your silicone sheet is a great and more affordable option than parchment. The great thing about lining a metal cookie sheet with a silicone cookie sheet is that it allows you to bake batches faster. When using metal cookie sheets to bake cookies, you often have downtime while a batch of cookies cools before you can use them again.

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When someone says “baking sheet,” they are usually referring to the jelly roll pan, but others will also include the cookie sheet as a type of baking sheet. In general, a baking sheet simply means a flat pan used to bake things in the oven. Therefore it could mean a jelly roll pan or a cookie sheet.

If you can only have one baking sheet in your kitchen, turn it into a jelly roll pan. You will be able to do everything you can with a cookie sheet but can do many things that you cannot do with a cookie sheet. Line it with a silicone cookie sheet and you can slide cookies in no time and have the best of all in the world.

The jelly roll pan is one of the most versatile pans in a chef's arsenal
The jelly roll pan is one of the most versatile pans in a chef’s arsenal

Compare Jelly Pans

Before buying a jelly pan, determine the size you need. Check the recipe you plan to make for the size – if the exact size isn’t indicated but only says to use a jelly pan, choose a 17.5″ pan. If dimensions are provided, look for a pan within the given measurements.

Compare pans from different manufacturers. Look for differences in metal quality. What is a jelly roll pan? Most pans are made the same way but look for air-cushioned pans if you can find one. These pans are worth a little extra money for the design, but your budget is your budget, and these air-cushioned pans may not be right for it.

Jelly roll pans are usually made of metal, but you can find some made of silicon. Usually, a silicone pan is a good thing, but when you’re trying to make a cake, flexibility isn’t what you need. To keep a roll from breaking when it turns over, you need to have some firmness.

Take Care of Your Jelly Pan

Taking care of your jelly pan is essential for a long life. Washing the pan after use in warm and soapy water with a cloth or sponge. A little abrasion may be required to remove baking grease, so keep some steel wool soap bars handy. The jelly roll pan is dishwasher safe, but it’s better to wash it by hand. The pan can still be used with baked grease; it’s just unattractive.

Baking is a culinary science that requires precision to succeed. Therefore, the use of pans of the so-called size is necessary. We have helped you with the answer to the question “What is a jelly roll pan?“. We hope that you’ve learned that a jelly roll pan does more than bake a roll. They can be used whenever a flat pan is required in recipes.

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