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What is the Best Kitchen Trash Can Size?

Jacky Chou

The kitchen trash can is considered the dirtiest area in your home as it bears all the gross mess in your house. Apart from kitchen leftovers, you might find yourself using the kitchen can for other purposes, and that will result in odor too. To avoid such inconveniences, ensure you are using the right kitchen trash size for your home. If you have a big home, you can get the standard kitchen can size that ranges from 12 to 16 gallons.

The proper gallon trash can will ensure you control the dirt in your home without the hassle of constantly moving trash outside. Before we discuss kitchen trash can size, are you aware of what a kitchen trash can is? If not, let’s expound on that for a clearer understanding.

What Is A Kitchen Trash Can?

A kitchen trash can is a bin sometimes lined inside with a garbage bag used to put kitchen refuse or dirt within the house. Kitchen trash cans come in various sizes, but standard-size trash has around 13 gallons. The 13 gallons can hold up to 50 liters in capacity and is a standard size to fit in the kitchen garbage cans.

This article expounds a bit on the 13-gallon kitchen trash can size since it is considered the standard size in most homes.

13 Gallon Kitchen Trash Can

The proper garbage can for your home will help you maintain cleanliness and keep your home tidy. Getting the wrong size only encourages spillage and leaks that could lead to odor. If you are looking for a standard-size trash can, you can use the 13-gallon trash bag since it has the standard measurement for most garbage cans.

Stick to the 13-16 gallon trash can range to maintain a clean home. You can also look for more spaces to fit your trash can at home if you have a small kitchen. Look for an extra drawer or cabinet where you can squeeze in the trash bin and save on space.

A 13-gallon kitchen trash can is wide and rectangular or round and tall. There can be no standard measurement for a 13-gallon bin since it can vary in design and shape. However, most dimensions of 13-gallon kitchen trash can sizes range at 14*18.9*26.5 inches.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Kitchen Trash Can Size

1. Dimensions

Ensure your trash can is not taking a lot of space; it should fit the environment you are keeping it. For example, if you want to confine your trash can in the cabinet or pantry, you need to consider space as a critical aspect so that it fits perfectly. The only way to know if you can fit it is to measure it for the dimensions to align with the cabinet.

2. Free-standing Garbage Cans

Most free-standing garbage cans fit in a corner or a nook in the kitchen. If you want free-standing kitchen trash can size, consider the ones between 20 and 30 inches high and 10-15v inches wide since they can fit perfectly at the end of kitchen counters and are easier to scoop dirt from the counter to the bin.

3. Under the sink

You may also prefer to hide your trash beneath the sink to save space, or you don’t want the can to be in the vicinity. You will need trash that is smaller than your kitchen basin and will not affect the piping within the cabinet.

For best results, measure your cabinet to choose the correct size that will not cause obstructions. To achieve the under-the-sink trash can idea, you will have to limit yourself to trash cans below 10b inches.

4. Capacity

Trash cans are measured by how much volume they can hold. Knowing you have a good can size will limit the number of times you take your trash out since it has the right volume. Trash cans are usually measured by a gallon or a liter.

The trash cans tend to be between 12 to 16 gallons which can be around 45 to 60 liters. The size range is ideal for a family of four people or less, but if you are looking for a rash can for commercial use or a bigger group, you can consider 20+ gallon trash sizes.

5. In cabinet

You can also use your slide-out drawer in the kitchen to put an in-cabinet trash can to save on space. If you are going for the idea of an in-cabinet, you will have to find a trash can that has exact measurements of the unit. Measure the cabinets, length, width, and depth to get a perfect size.

Frequently Asked Questions On Kitchen Trash Can Size

1. Why Are Stainless Steel Trash Cans So Expensive?

The iTouchless and simplehuman brands are made from a stainless steel material that is fingerprint-proof for aesthetic purposes. These attractive stainless steel trash cans are sturdier and more durable than plastic gallon trash cans. In addition, they also do not absorb odors.

2. What Size Is A Standard Kitchen Trash Can?

Kitchen gallon trash cans vary due to the factors listed above in the article. In most cases, a 13-gallon trash can size is considered the standard size since it can hold most 13-gallon trash bags. Bathroom trash cans can be around 4 gallons, a bedroom or office trash can should be around 7 to 10 gallons.

3. What Is The Size Of A Small Trash Can?

Small trash bins have a volume of 2.5 gallons which is equal to 10 liters. The footprint of small garbage bins always ranges at 100 square inches. They usually come in the form of square-shaped trash cans that can fit only small size garbage bags.

Always go for a trash can that solves your trash needs. Small trash will encourage spillage and odor inside your house, while a big one might work well but can be unable to fit into places you want it to. Go through the factors listed above and choose the correct kitchen trash can for your home.

Jacky Chou