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Best Dual Shower Head for a Great Shower

Jacky Chou

A bathroom is a solemn place where you spend your most personal moments with yourself or your partner. There are many ways to make the bathroom a refreshing space that brings life into your day or night. One of the best ways to upgrade your bathroom is by installing dual shower heads. Getting a dual shower head is an excellent gesture towards your partner and a great move to make your time alone in the shower more productive. Finding the best dual shower head will be equivalent to creating the best out of the average two days you spend in the shower every year, and we are here to help.

What is a Dual Shower Head?

A dual shower head is a single shower system that simultaneously offers a standard rain shower head and a handheld shower head. Dual shower heads are more convenient than single fixed shower heads for many reasons. The handheld shower head opens doors to many possibilities in the shower. A good shower head combo adds a lot of aesthetic appeal to the bathroom and spices up your moments with your partner in the shower as you no longer have to take turns. Here is our list of the best dual shower head to bring back life into your bathroom.

Are Dual Shower Head Better?


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AquaDance 7' Premium High Pressure 3-Way Rainfall Combo for The Best of Both Worlds - Enjoy Luxurious Rain Showerhead and 6-Setting Hand Held Shower Separately or Together - Chrome Finish - 3328

AquaDance High-Pressure Shower Head


Hydroluxe 1433 Handheld Showerhead & Rain Shower Combo. High Pressure 24 Function 4' Face Dual 2 in 1 Shower Head System with Stainless Steel Hose, Patented 3-way Water Diverter in All-Chrome Finish

Hydroluxe Handheld Showerhead and Rain-Shower Head Combo


BRIGHT SHOWERS Brushed Nickel Shower Combo - Fixed and Handheld Heads With Grey Faceplates

Bright Showers Brushed Nickel Shower Heads


Delta Faucet 4-Setting In2ition 2-in-1 Dual Shower Head with Handheld, Chrome Round Shower Head with Hose, Detachable Shower Head, Hand Held Shower Head, Chrome 75486C

Delta Faucet Dual Showerhead Combo


Ana Bath 5-Inch Anti-Clog High Pressure LARGE Dual Shower Head with Handheld Spray - 5 Unique Spray Modes/BRASS CONNECTOR/5 Ft Stainless Steel Hose/Spot Resist Brushed Nickel

Ana Bath Anti-Clog Dual Showerhead

Best Dual Shower Head

1. AquaDance High-Pressure Shower Head

AquaDance 7" Premium High Pressure 3-Way Rainfall Combo for The Best of Both Worlds - Enjoy Luxurious Rain Showerhead and 6-Setting Hand Held Shower Separately or Together - Chrome Finish - 3328
  • Our best 3 pick : Vigorously tested by our professional team of US showerhead experts to highest US quality and performance standards. independently tested to meet latest US compliance standards unlike most other showerheads sold on . premium 6 setting 7" rainfall shower head: Huge 7-inch Face for drenching flow coverage, High-power Click Lever Dial, Rub-Clean Jets (easy cleaning/preventing lime buildup), Angle-Adjustable. All-chrome Finish (including back and face).
  • Each shower has 6 settings: Power Rain, Pulsating Massage, Power Mist, Rain Massage, Rain Mist, Water Saving Pause mode patented 3 way water diverter: Simply turn switch to direct water flow between two showers. Features Anti-Swivel Position Lock Nut for easy & secure connection AAngle-adjustable overhead bracket: Lets you point each shower where you want it for hands-free operation at desired angle reinforced 5 ft stainless steel hose: Durable Heavy-duty design with Brass Connection Nuts
  • Includes: 6-setting 7" Rain Shower Head, 6-setting Hand Shower 3-way Water Diverter with built-in Bracket, Shower Hose, Washers, Plumber’s Tape, Installation Manual and . stunning gift box designed in USA: Sophisticated, upscale packaging for a perfect gift.
  • Easy tool-free connection: No need to call a plumber - installs in minutes with just three hand-tighten connections. Fits any standard shower arm. best lifetime : Hassle-Free US Limited Lifetime.

The AquaDance shower head combo is a set of two shower heads that will change how you experience your time in the shower forever. The showerheads provide a never-before-seen combination of settings that can fit all your requirements and desires. With high water pressure, you can achieve rain massage, power mist, and other water therapy achievable under a shower.

The chrome finish head brings more than style to your bathroom. AquaDance has a patented three-way water diverter that makes an efficient water-saving economy mode to prevent any wastage. You can direct water flow between two showers by using a simple switch to change the water flow direction. The hassle-free showerhead lets you focus only on showering while giving you many options to pick from as you shower. AquaDance showerhead is the most reviewed showerhead in most stores, proof that the product is the best you can find in the market.


  • Tool-free connection
  • Six settings to pick from
  • Adjustable overhead bracket
  • Sleek design
  • High water pressure


  • Minerals can clog in the pipes, requiring frequent cleaning.

2. Hydroluxe Handheld Showerhead and Rain-Shower Head Combo

Hydroluxe offers comfort that other showerhead brands unmatch. Hydroluxe has a high-pressure function that makes both heads efficient. The features in the showerhead include a patented 3-way water diverter, rub-clean jets, flexible hose, and massage settings. As a result, the showerhead is a convenient option to use when in a hurry. In addition, the showerhead has an anti-swivel lock that keeps the shower grounded in place as you shower without any hitches.

Hydroluxe is a modern shower with a sleek design that can fit any bathroom and blend in to give a perfect look. The versatility is not only in the design but functionality. Hydroluxe can combine water-flow patterns and give 24 full patterns that you can choose from. So you can never get bored in the shower with Hydroluxe.


  • 3-way water diverter
  • 24 shapes
  • Combine shapes
  • High water pressure
  • 10-year limited warranty
  • Anti-swivel lock
  • Adjustable


  • Small surface area

3. Bright Showers Brushed Nickel Shower Heads

BRIGHT SHOWERS Brushed Nickel Shower Combo - Fixed and Handheld Heads With Grey Faceplates
  • Dual Shower Heads: Brushed Nickel Body + Grey Face shower heads with handheld spray, fixed shower head with two spray settings. No shower arm included in the packaging
  • Easy Tool-free Connection: No need to call a plumber - installs in minutes with just three hand-tighten connections. Fits any standard shower arm
  • Durable and Flexible Hose: 5 ft stainless steel shower hose in beautiful brushed nickel finishing, anti twist conical nut connecting with the handheld shower head
  • Heat resistant solid full body ABS construction which comes with solid ABS Mount with Brass Ball joint
  • Includes: Rain shower heads combo is packaged in strong box, perfect as a gift to friends. Package includes: 1*Rain shower head, 1*Handheld shower, 1*60 Inches stainless steel shower hose, 1*Teflon thread seal tape. Please note Washers are pre-assembled

Bright showers are the shower head that will increase the chances of getting some in the shower anytime. The showerhead looks good, with a wide surface area that is more than enough for two people. The extra handheld head provides abundance. The showerhead makes your life easier from the onset. You do not need any tools to install the shower head, neither do you need to call a plumber. The showerhead has a unique design that complements your space and upgrades your bathroom.

Some features included in the showerhead include a heat-resistant material, two spray settings, and universal plumbing options.


  • Sleek
  • Wide surface area
  • Two spray settings
  • High water pressure
  • Heat resistant material
  • Tool-free connection


  • Costly

4. Delta Faucet Dual Showerhead Combo

Delta Faucet 4-Setting In2ition 2-in-1 Dual Shower Head with Handheld, Chrome Round Shower Head with Hose, Detachable Shower Head, Hand Held Shower Head, Chrome 75486C
  • HAND SHOWER AND SHOWER HEAD IN ONE: The In2ition 2-in-1 Dual Shower allows you to use the hand shower with hose separately or securely docked for a luxurious and versitile showering experience
  • PATENTED DUAL-PURPOSE DESIGN: With a simultaneous flow from both showerheads, the In2ition Two-in-One Shower delivers the experience you want from a shower head, and the flexibility you need from a handheld shower
  • 4 POWERFUL SPRAY OPTIONS: Full body spray, full body spray with massage, massaging spray, and pause
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Delta shower heads with Touch-Clean spray holes allow you to quickly and easily wipe away calcium and lime build-up with a touch of a finger, so no need to soak or use chemical cleaners
  • LIFETIME LIMITED WARRANTY: You can install with confidence, knowing Delta shower heads are backed by Delta Faucet's Lifetime Limited Warranty

Delta Faucet is the delta force of showerheads. The precision that the product offers is clinical, and the mission will be complete in just a few minutes if you are alone, of course. In addition, the showerhead design saves you a lot of space if your bathroom real estate is limited. You can use both the showerheads as a single power rain head or as separate heads, with one being handheld. The shower head combo is revolutionary because of its intense power that refreshes your body and heals your muscles.

Delta Faucet is easy to clean, a huge advantage. Most shower heads are a hassle to clean because of the complicated methods you have to follow. Buy Delta Faucet today to get value for your money.


  • Occupies smaller space
  • Powerful jet
  • Easy to clean
  • Buy accessories separately
  • WaterSense labeled
  • Water-saving pause mode


  • Overhead rain is reduced when you remove the second head.

5. Ana Bath Anti-Clog Dual Showerhead

Ana Bath 5-Inch Anti-Clog High Pressure LARGE Dual Shower Head with Handheld Spray - 5 Unique Spray Modes/BRASS CONNECTOR/5 Ft Stainless Steel Hose/Spot Resist Brushed Nickel
  • AMERICAN OWNED COMPANY WITH SPEEDY REPLY: USA company with American customer service representatives in the U.S. to assist you by phone or email. We respond within 24 hours | Our products are compliant with U.S. quality and performance standards.
  • MATCHING 5 MULTI-FUNCTION HIGH PRESSURE DRENCHING SHOWER HEADS: Premium large 5" Handheld shower head with ergonomic grip handle and click lever dial | 5" Fixed shower head with angle-adjustable BRASS ball joint for secure and durable connection | 5 settings include Rain / Massage / Massage and Rain Mix / Oxygenated Bubble /Oxygenated Bubble and Rain Mix.
  • LARGE/WIDE DIVERTER with BRASS CONNECTOR: Angle-adjustable overhead bracket | Wider and longer diverter than industry standard for sleeker look (no more cramming look) | Turn dial to direct water to handheld shower head only, fixed showerhead only, or both together.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE AND EASY TOOL-FREE INSTALLATION: Anti Clog nozzles that are easy to rub clean and limescale/mineral deposit resistant. Easily remove calcium and mineral deposits by pushing nozzles back and forth in a circular motion while the water is on. | Hassle-free and tool-free (No power drill, no screwdrivers, no plumbers needed). It fits any standard shower arm. You can do it yourself. Even a plumber's tape is included.
  • LONG 5 FT (60 inch) FLEXIBLE STAINLESS STEEL SHOWER HOSE WITH 2 BRASS NUTS: Metal hose with double-lock design and anti-twist brass fittings provide durable and secure connection. Great for washing pets, bathing children, or cleaning bathtubs. / SPOT RESIST BRUSHED NICKEL FINISH: Resists fingerprints and water spots for a cleaner look.

Of the countless dual showerheads in the market, Ana bath brings an all-rounded convenience to the table. The showerhead has an anticlog design that ensures you get the whole experience as long as you have the shower in your bathroom. The spot-resist brushed nickel keeps the showerhead clean and presentable at all times in its lifetime.

With five unique spray modes, the showerhead gives you options that you can enjoy at all times. The adjustable overhead bracket makes the showerhead an excellent option for couples. In addition, Ana Bath has a low-maintenance design with a tool-free installation that requires no plumber of tools. Buy Ana Bath today to get the whole experience.


  • Anti-clog design
  • Spot-resist
  • Simple installation
  • Adjustable
  • Wide diverter
  • Low maintenance


  • Slightly costly

How to Choose a Dual Shower Head

i) Shower Hose

The hose is a huge factor when it comes to your time in the shower. A poorly designed hose can make your time in the shower less fun and fulfilling. When choosing a hose, especially for the hand shower, flexibility should be on top of your list. The hose length directly influences the flexibility. A longer hose will be more flexible than a short hose. The standard hose length you should go for is at least 5-eet. A short hose length will result in nightmares, especially when you are in there with your partner.

The hose should be able to pass enough water through. A flow rate of roughly 2.5 gallons per minute is decent enough to get you adequately cleaned. If the circumference is too small, water might come out with more pressure but in smaller quantities. You need to try out the hose before settling for one. Apart from the hose length, the material used to make the hose will play a massive role in the longevity of the dual shower head system. A stainless steel hose will last longer than a plastic hose. Dual shower heads have a head subjected to more movement, thereby requiring a good build quality.

ii) Head Type

A dual shower head combo gives you the option of using the shower as an overhead shower or a hand held shower. The two head integrated design is meant for convenience that overhead showers alone can not provide. However, an overhead shower head has limitations that the dual shower head system can solve. Therefore, when choosing the shower heads, look at how they will complement each other in different situations you might find yourself in.

Different shower heads are designed differently. The water dispensation from the shower head is not similar in any two different brands. Pick a shower head according to how you would like the water to flow out of it. Different heads have different features, including high-power rain, rain mist and different settings that you may want to consider when buying a shower head. If you are into rain massage, then the shower head should be able to deliver appropriately.

The material used on the shower head makes a huge difference in the long run. A plastic shower head may be affordable when making a purchase, but a stainless steel shower head will carry the day in the long run. Two shower heads are an investment that you should make soundly and wisely. Think of how the shower head will look in your bathroom when buying a dual shower head combo. The best dual shower heads are made with real estate in mind.

iii) Spray Settings

When it comes down to it, spray settings are the primary determinant of how you will experience your time in the bathroom. The spray settings come in handy for different situations, including delivering a pulsating massage. You can pick different spray patterns, including a full-body spray for a refreshing shower. Dual showerheads offer various options and water flow settings that you can pick from to suit your preferences. A combo shower head is too good not to have different spray settings.

iv) Installation Process

Plumbing is a huge factor when buying a new shower head. It does not matter how aesthetically pleasing and up-to-date your new dual shower head is; if it does not fit, it is of no use. Most dual shower heads should fit on the standard shower arm. A wall-mounted shower head will require a plumber to make the necessary adjustments to ensure you get your preferred results. The installation process should be straightforward. However, some showerheads have inbuilt heaters while other shower heads do not. Therefore, just let a plumber handle the installation if you are unsure about it.

v) Nozzles

Nozzles experience a lot of damage from water over time and, in some cases, get clogged. When buying a nozzle, go for anti-clog nozzles. Dual shower heads with rubber-spray nozzles will last longer and experience no clogging with time. Anti-clog nozzles are perfect in areas with potentially hard water. Other minerals found in tap water can accumulate on the nozzles, reducing the water pressure and spoiling the fun. If you use your shower head for other functions like the pulsating massage, then a clogged head is the last thing you want in the bathroom.

vi) Warranty

Shower heads sold without a warranty are the last things you should go for. This is because you are buying two heads, and there is just so much that could go wrong. From incompatible parts to a clashing design, there are many reasons why you might want to return a shower head. Therefore, before buying a dual shower head, consider the return policy and the warranty. A good warranty is, in most cases, proof of quality for a good product because the company knows that there is a slight chance a return will be made.

How to Care for a Dual Shower Head

Regardless of how robust, reliable and durable a dual shower head may be, if the system is not well taken care of, the shower heads can only last for too long. Like any other appliance, the shower needs regular maintenance to function as intended and serve you in the best manner possible. Here are tips on caring for dual showers.

a) Hand-Held Shower Head Placement

Dual shower heads consist of two heads; a handheld shower head and a fixed head. The fixed shower head will stay installed, unlike a handheld shower head that is moved around ever so often. Once you are done using the handheld shower head for a power wash or a massaging spray, you need to place it back on its rightful resting position. Leaving the handheld head hanging might sabotage the integrity of the connectors fixed at the joints with the shower arm. To keep your showering experience exciting for the longest time, caring for the shower accessories is the way to go.

b) Clean the Shower Head

Cleaning the showerhead is one of the best things you can do for your shower. Unfortunately, over time, chemicals from tap water build up in the shower head, creating a scam that might interfere with the water flow and functionality of the shower. You can use methods to clean the showerhead to avoid buying a new dual shower head altogether. You can clean the dual showerhead either by removing them or by cleaning them as they are. Use the following methods to clean your shower head.

i) Method 1: Removing the Dual Showerhead

  1. Using your home plumbing tools, carefully remove the dual shower heads from the shower arm. You can use an adjustable crescent wrench to remove the showerhead. If you do not have such tools, you can contact your local plumber to stop by and help you remove the showerhead. Ensure the tap is turned off to avoid any spillage while you are at it. The shower head combo is meant to fit on most shower arms and probably have a universal fit.
  2. After removing the showerhead without using more force than required, clean the threads to free them from any mineral deposits. You can use a simple scrub to scrub off any residue on the showerhead.
  3. Once you are done with the threads, it is now time to clean the showerhead. Mix hot water with apple cider or white vinegar in a solution that is 1-part water to 1-part vinegar. Get enough mixture to submerge the shower heads.
  4. Soak the shower heads for 12 hours to get rid of all the residue. NOTE that prolonged exposure to vinegar might damage gold, nickel or brass plating. Therefore, limit the amount of time you soak plated shower heads.
  5. Once you are done soaking the shower heads, let the shower head drip for a minute or two before installing it back.
  6. Reinstall the shower head back to the shower arm. When screwing back the shower head, you can wrap Teflon around the threads to prevent leaking. Just use your hands to reinstall the dual shower heads. Once each head is tight enough that you can no longer rotate them with your hands, use the wrench to secure the shower heads in place.
  7. The hand shower is detachable from the nozzle in some cases. If detaching the handheld head is a possibility, do so before cleaning.

ii) Method 2: Cleaning Without Removing the Dual Shower Head

  1. Get a sturdy plastic bag that is thick enough to hold liquid in without breaking easily. The bag should be large enough to fit around the shower head.
  2. Fill white vinegar or apple cider vinegar with the bag around the showerhead while holding the bag in place.
  3. Ensure the shower head is wholly submerged in the vinegar before securing the bag in place. Hold the bag firmly in place using a rubber band or tape while keeping the showerhead submerged in the mixture.
  4. Let the shower head soak for 12 hours. If the shower heads are plated with nickel, brass or gold, let the shower head soak for only 30 minutes.
  5. Once you are done soaking the shower heads, remove the bag and drain the vinegar. Turn on hot water to run through the shower to get rid of the loosened residue. Use a toothpick or an old toothbrush to aid in removing the residue. Knock off any hardy residue.

c) Installation

A good way to care for your dual shower head is to ensure installation is done correctly. If you spoil the shower head while attempting to install it, you will have wasted your time and money. Forcefully fitting the shower head to pipes that do not fit correctly will destroy the threads and cause leakages. You can do it yourself, but you do not have to do it yourself. Call your local plumber to help you install your new shower head.

Unless you have an angle-adjustable overhead bracket, you should ensure the fixed shower head is installed correctly to avoid forcing the shower stream to reach you each time. Angling the shower head forcefully is one sure way of damaging the shower head. The best dual shower heads have adjustable parts that will come in handy when two people use the shower simultaneously. A plumber will do a great job in installing your shower head for you.

d) Do not Use Hard Water.

Hard water leads to the formation of scum, clogging your pipes faster than you can imagine. Ensure the water that is coming in is the regular tap water. If you have to use recycled and treated water, ensure that the water is not hard, There are ways of softening hard water to make it safe for use. People who live in coastal towns have the challenge of dealing with salty water filled with different natural minerals that lead to residue formation in the pipes.

e) Prevent Rusting

If the shower head is made of a metallic material, the chances of the shower head or the nozzle rusting are very high. If you live in a coastal region, it might be good to go for a plated showerhead or a head with an oil-rubbed bronze finish. The best dual shower heads are rust-proof, and you do not have to worry about taking extra steps to prevent rusting when you can focus on your shower experience.

Final Take

Your shower experience will depend largely on the choices you make regarding a shower head. The best shower head meets a few standard limits and is well-rounded to provide the optimal experience. The shower is where some people do the most creative thinking, singing, relaxing and sharing intimacy with their partners. You do not want a shower head to kill your vibe. Get a quality set of dual shower heads for a shower experience you can look forward to daily.

Jacky Chou